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Authority to Delegate Institutional Funds

Authority to obligate institutional funds for purchases of supplies, materials, services, and equipment is granted to the Purchasing Director and Buyers by the President pursuant to authority granted in accordance with Series 10501, Number 2, Section 6 of the Regents’ Rules and Regulations. UTS159 of The University of Texas System Administrative Rules authorizes the Purchasing Director to promulgate procedures to facilitate and expedite the purchasing function.

Procedural and policy violations may result in removal of privileges at the discretion of the Vice President for Business Affairs.

Exceptions to Requirement for a Purchase Orders:
Except for credit card purchases a PURCHASE ORDER OR A PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER MUST BE OBTAINED BEFORE A PURCHASE IS MADE. All purchases are to be originated by completing the Requisition to Purchase.

Authority to obligate institutional funds for purchases of supplies, materials, services, and equipment is granted solely to the Purchasing Director.

For obligations undertaken in any other manner or by any other person, The University of Texas at Brownsville will assume no liability.

Bid Requirements

In accordance with Texas Government Code § 2155.083 and Texas Administrative Code - Title 34, Part 1,  § 20.212, the requirement to advertise solicitations by posting on the Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD) applies to all purchases exceeding $25,000 regardless of source of funds used for the procurement. This requirement includes delegated purchases, emergency, construction projects, professional or consulting services, proprietary purchases or purchases exempt from TPASS's purchasing authority.

Proof and verification of the posting on the ESBD is required to be included in the procurement file. The ESBD is available at:


Purchase Amount Type Requirements
$0 to $5,000.00 Spot Purchase No competitive bids required, except for printing. Requisitions must include a written quote from suggested source/supplier (use of HUB vendors is recommended)
$5,000.01 to
Informal Bid A minimum of three informal bids are required (at least two bids must be from HUB vendors)
$25,000.01 or greater Formal Bid A minimum of three formal written bids are required in response to a written solicitation, which must be posted for 21 days (at least two bids must be from HUB vendors) 


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