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The primary safety advisory committee at UTB is the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Committee. The purpose of the committee is to serve as advisory oversight to the Environmental Health and Safety director. They provide advice regarding all areas of safety to address issues and monitor compliance in order to ensure that the levels of health and safety for all UTB employees, students and visitors are kept at their highest level.

The EHS director formulates and recommends to the committee new codes, rules, standards, policies, and procedures based on analysis and interpretation of pertinent local, state, and federal health and safety laws. Committee members are recommended by the Executive Committee and appointed by the President in accordance with HOP 10.9.3, Section C.

The Environmental Health and Safety Manual serves as a guide to the campus community regarding health and safety procedures and the implementation of the Campus Safety program.

For information regarding the meeting schedule or membership of the EHS Committee, please contact the EHS department at 956-882-5930.

The Director of Environmental Health and Safety is also a member of the following committees:


The Biological, Chemical and Radiation Safety (BCRS) Committee is a technical, University-wide committee appointed by the President per HOP 5.2.15. The BCRS is responsible for the establishment of general policies and standards for the safe use of biohazardous agents and for maintaining human and environmental safety in their use in research and training.

In cooperation with the EHS Department, the committee ensures compliance with University, state and federal regulations concerning the use of biological, chemical and radiological agents in research and teaching. The committee ensures that hazards are within accepted safety protocols and verifies the adequacy of procedures in order to minimize occupational exposure. The committee may approve, disapprove or recommend the suspension of activities related to biohazardous agents.

The Radiation Safety Manual outlines emergency procedures and general policies governing the use of radioactive materials.


The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is a technical, University-wide committee appointed by the President per HOP 5.2.9. The committee has oversight over the University’s animal care and use program. Its main responsibility is to guarantee the humane handling of animals used for or intended for use in all research related activities, for biological testing, or for related purposes involving live vertebrate animals. The IACUC ensures compliance with federal regulations and public health policies defined by the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare of the National Institutes of Health. The committee may approve or suspend activities involving the care and use of animals.

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Manual serves as a guide to personnel and students regarding animal research.

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