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  • Translation / Interpretation 1


    TRANS 1000
    Students learn the basic concepts and theories of translation and interpretation. Students begin to learn the most common techniques and practices for translating and interpreting documents. This course prepares students to get acquainted with the practice of using two languages interchangeably as a tool for separate or simultaneous communication.

  • Translation / Interpretation 2


    TRANS 2000
    This course is designed for students to learn specialized translation and interpretation skills. It introduces students to the commercial, legal, and medical translation practice. Students obtain training on how to address customers in need of translation and/or interpreting services. Students learn the basic techniques to successfully translate and interpret in these fields.

  • Translation / Interpretation 3


    TRANS 3000
    This course focuses on media translation and interpretation. Students develop more complex translation and interpretation skills. As an advanced course, students learn about the electronic techniques, such as subtitling and dubbing movies, internet translation, translating websites, and telephone and electronic interpretation. Students are exposed to hands-on activities and projects that prepare them for different areas of the translation and interpretation profession.​

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