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High school Certification forms 

Students applying to UTB from a non-Texas public high school are required to submit a completed high school certification form along with an official high school transcript to receive consideration for admissions and certain state scholarship and grant programs. Please select one of the forms listed below, download the form to fill out and return to:

UTB Office of Admissions and Recruiting
Main 1.100
One West University Blvd.
Brownsville, TX 78520


UTB Office of Financial Aid
Main 1.100
One West University Blvd.
Brownsville, TX 78520 

Texas Private High School or Texas Home School students

 Non-Texas Private High School or Non-Texas Home School

For eligibility determination for the TEXAS Grant, the private high school should submit the completed certification to the admissions office and the financial aid office of the public institution to which the student is seeking admission by the institution’s financial aid deadline. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The financial aid office of a Texas public university will not consider a student eligible for a TEXAS Grant without this completed certification.





Admissions and Recruitment

 Enrollment Center @ The Tower, Main 1.100

One West University Boulevard
Brownsville, Texas 78520

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Fax: 956-882-7810

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