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Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (20 U.S §1232g) and the Texas Public Information Act, Texas Government Code (§552.001 et. seq.) are federal and state laws that provide for the review and disclosure of student educational records. In accordance with these laws the university has adopted the following policy. Individuals are informed of their rights under these laws through this policy, which is included in the university’s Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP) and Catalog. The catalog will be made available for inspection through the Vice President of Student Affairs Office and HOPs are available in the library and most administrative offices.

UTB will not permit access to or the release of personally identifiable information contained in student education records without the written consent of the student to any party, excepts as follows:

  1. To appropriate UTB officials who require access to educational records in order to perform their legitimate educational duties.
  2. To officials of other schools in which the student seeks or intends to enroll, upon request of these officials, and upon the condition that the student be notified and receive a copy of the record if desired.
  3. To federal, state or local officials or agencies authorized by law.
  4. In connection with a student’s application for, or receipt of, financial aid.
  5. To accrediting organizations or organizations conducting educational studies, provided that these organizations do not release personally identifiable data and destroy such data when it is no longer needed for the purpose it was obtained. 13Admissions
  6. To the parents of a dependent student as defined in §152 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, provided a reasonable effort is made to notify the student in advance.
  7. In compliance with a judicial order or subpoena, provided a reasonable effort is made to notify the student in advance unless such subpoena specifically directs the institution not to disclose the existence of a subpoena.
  8. In an emergency situation if the information is necessary to protect the health or safety of the students or of other persons or...
  9. To an alleged victim of any crime of violence, the results of the alleged perpetrator’s disciplinary proceeding may be released.

The university will release information in student education records to appropriate university officials as indicated above when such records are needed by administrators, faculty or staff in furtherance of the educational or business purposes of the student or university.

A record of requests for disclosure and such disclosure of personally identifiable information from student education records shall be maintained by the Corporate Compliance Office for each student and will also be made available for inspection pursuant to this policy. If the institution discovers that a third party who has received student records from the institution has released or failed to destroy such records in violation of this policy, it will prohibit access to educational records for five years. Respective records no longer subject to audit nor presently under request for access may be purged according to regular schedules.

Directory Information

At its discretion, UTB may release directory information which shall include:

  1. Name, address, telephone number
  2. Date and place of birth
  3. Major field of study
  4. Participation in officially recognized activities and sports
  5. Dates of attendance
  6. Most recent previous educational institutions attended
  7. Classification
  8. Degrees and awards received
  9. Date of graduation
  10. Physical factors (height and weight) of athletes
  11. Email addresses
  12. Photographs

Students may withhold directory information by changing their Online Directory Options within UTB Online. Please follow these instructions to update your Online Directory Options.

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