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Goal 1:  To expand knowledge through research

  • Strategic Direction 1.1: Improve infrastructure for research

    Performance Indicator:
    - (ITS) Increase information technology resources in support of research activities including the library collection, Internet bandwidth, e-storage, and back-ups
  • Strategic Direction 1.2: Improve compliance and oversight of research
  • Strategic Direction 1.3: Increase external funding
  • Strategic Direction 1.4: Increase faculty productivity
  • Strategic Direction 1.5: Develop more research based programs

Goal 2:  To promote excellence in teaching and learning

  • Strategic Direction 2.1: Attract and retain highly qualified faculty and staff
  • Strategic Direction 2.2: Increase opportunities for professional development
  • Strategic Direction 2.3: Assess learning outcomes for continued excellence

    Performance Indicator:
    - (ITS) Implement a standard computer-based outcome assessment tool
  • Strategic Direction 2.4: Seek accreditation for programs where appropriate
  • Strategic Direction 2.5: Develop and implement innovative learning programs

    Performance Indicator:
    - (ITS) Increase utilization of innovative instructional technologies to enhance teaching and learning

Goal 3: To provide accessible, affordable post-secondary education by eliminating inter-institutional barriers

  • Strategic Direction 3.1: Improve accessibility
  • Strategic Direction 3.2: Maintain affordability
  • Strategic Direction 3.3: Improve efficiency

    Performance Indicators: 
    - (ITS) Implement a single sign-on system to enable students, faculty and staff to seamlessly access UT System-wide resources and services
    - (ITS) Increase the Internet bandwidth by 20 Mbps annually to ensure network connectivity and accessibility to online resources
    - (ITS) Implement a new universal email service for all students
    - (ITS) Build infrastructure in Information Technology Services to comply with State mandates and support IT efficiency

Goal 4:  To advance academic and economic development for our region

  • Strategic Direction 4.1: Develop and expand academic and technical programs
  • Strategic Direction 4.2: Develop and expand programs in workforce training and continuing education
  • Strategic Direction 4.3: Promote social and economic development                  

    Performance Indicator:
    - (ITS) Ensure that the institution’s telecommunication (voice, data, and video) infrastructure will be part of the regional telecommunication infrastructure
  • Strategic Direction 4.4: Enrich cultural and community opportunities

Goal 5:  To enhance student success

  • Strategic Direction 5.1: Develop and expand programs to enhance undergraduate and graduate student success

    Performance Indicators:
    - (ITS) Increase hourly usage of online tutoring services by 50% annually from the current 800 hours 
    - (ITS) Increase the number of recorded courses online by 20% annually from the current 150 to allow students to review courses at their convenience
  • Strategic Direction 5.2: Program and build facilities to enhance student success.

    Performance Indicators:
    - (ITS) Upgrade and maintain older classrooms with multimedia infrastructure
    - (ITS) Upgrade and maintain multi-purpose facilities with comprehensive media capabilities
  • Strategic Direction 5.3: Increase student retention
  • Strategic Direction 5.4: Increase graduation rates
  • Strategic Direction 5.5: Develop and expand P-16 initiatives
  • Media Services
  • User Support Services
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