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Special Services and Procedures

The User Support Services Department provides basic support procedures for hurricane preparedness and safety.

The User Support Services Department will assist your office staff when moving an entire department from one building to another.

Hurricane Procedures:

Environmental Health and Safety Department Web-Sites

Please follow the simple steps below to protect your systems.

  1. Turn computer off and unplug power cable
  2. Disconnect and place all cables in a box and place on top of the desk
  3. Place phone and computer equipment on top of desk
  4. Place tarp bag over the computer, printer, monitor...

Make sure your department follows the instructions listed below and the transition should be a smooth one.


When moving your computer, please make sure you:

  1. Submit a work order for the department at least one month prior to the move and include all users names, building, and office number where they will be picked up and going to.
  2. Reserve a vehicle with Physical Plant that Information Resources can utilize for the move.
  3. Disconnect all cables from your computer, monitor, and printer.
  4. Pack all cables, speakers, keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad in one box.  Then make sure the box is clearly labeled with the username, building, and office number where it will be going to.
  5. Clearly label the monitor, computer, and printer with the username, building, and office number where it will be going to.


  1. 19" or smaller computer monitors
  2. Desktop computers not to exceed 30lbs
  3. printers not to exceed 30lbs
  4. Computer accessories: keyboards, mice, speakers, cables (printer, power cords, etc)
Any computer item that exceeds 30lbs must be moved by Physical Plant.


Please note in the work order the scheduled pickup date and the setup time.
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