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Inter-Building Wireless

In Spring of 1999, Enterprise Infrastructure operation implemented a functional and feasible Wireless infrastructure solution on experimental basis to connect Physical Plant to the main campus. Going from a shared 33kbps modem to a 2Mbps connection was a major boost to solving the connectivity problems of our colleagues at Physical Plant. The experiment was a success and since then inter-building wireless has been the choice for connecting remote campuses because of its high speed and no monthly cost. These remote campuses do not have institutional fiber or other wired media to connect to the main campus network backbone. A T1 based connection of equivalent bandwidth would cost thousands of dollars per month besides the expensive interface devices required on each side. 

The implemented Wireless infrastructure uses spread spectrum compliant wireless technology. The inter-building Wireless links utilize directional antennas on each of the two sites to be connected. The telecommunication network devices on each of the two sites are connected to the respective LANs. The signal strength of a telecommunication-network device is effective enough to connect buildings which may be 10 to 20 miles apart (depending on the terrain) without the use of amplifiers.

Project Scope


Current Wireless Links

There are currently seven wireless links connected to the main campus network

  • Inter-Building Wireless
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