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To make your computing lab experience a pleasurable and productive one, we have implemented computing lab policies.
We need your cooperation in order to give you the best possible service.

  • The computing lab staff is here to assist you.
  • Computing lab resources are accessible only to currently enrolled UTB students, faculty and staff.
  • Cellular phone ringers should be turned down as low as possible. Use them only outside of the labs.
  • Food bits damage the computers, especially monitors, keyboards and mice.
  • Spilled liquids can destroy electronic equipment while posing an increased hazard from electrical shock.
  • Computer availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. Users may occupy only one computer at a time.
  • When seeking assistance from lab staff, treat them with the same respect you expect.
  • They are here to assist you and will do so to the best of their ability.
  • They are not here to do your work for you.
  • If you encounter a problem with the computer, report it to a lab assistant immediately!
  • To ensure that all students have equal access to computers, any PC left unattended for 15 minutes will be logged out.
  • Any books, notebooks or other materials left unattended will be collected and placed behind lab assistant counter.
  • Reasonable attempts will be made to save any work left open.
  • Be courteous to others working in the lab and try not to disturb them by working loudly when in groups.
  • Headphones must be used when listening to sound on computers. Keep volume turned down low not to disturb other patrons.
  • When you have finished using the computer please close the program(s) you are using and click on the Restart button.
  • Remember you are responsible for your computer and pay-for-print account account activity.
  • Please leave the workspace clean after you have finished using the computer because someone else will use the system after you.
  • Please push chairs under the table when you leave, and remember your personal items when leaving your work area.
  • Instructional and Client Support Services is not responsible for personal items left behind.
  • The ICSS Library computer lab closes 10 minutes before the library to give patrons enough time to vacate the building.
  • Therefore, you need to finish your work and log off the computer 10 minutes before the library closing hour.

Your assistance is truly appreciated. Anyone who is violating facility policies or disturbing other users may be asked to leave the lab, and will be escorted by campus police if necessary.

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