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Los del Valle

Vol 1

Volume One – En palabras de nuestra gente28 minutes
Antonia Medrano from Brownsville, Oliver Brenner from Port Isabel and Narciso Martinez from La Paloma speak about their lives, the 1933 hurricane and the importance of a formal education.

Vol 2

Volume Two – Dr. Américo Paredes – 28 minutes
This eminent folklorist and scholar, speaks about his life in Brownsville, the importance of oral history and his scholarship.

Vol 3

Volume Three – Rolando Hinojosa, Tejano Author – 28 minutes
This leading Tejano writer speaks about how his life in the Valley influenced his writing. Additionally, Hinojosa reads passages from his short stories and novels.

Vol 4

Volume Four – La música en la sangre, Sabino Salinas – 28 minutes Several long time friends and musicians of música regional, conjunto and norteña speak about their lives and their love of music. They also perform some favorite songs.

Vol 5

Volume Five – La música en la sangre, Joe Lopez – 28 minutes
Joe Lopez, co-founder of the acclaimed Tejano group Mazz, speaks about his life and musical career.

Vol 6

Volume Six – Charro Days, the First Sixty Year – 28 minutes
This is a history of a border celebration recognizing the friendship and common culture and heritage of the border cities of Brownsville and Matamoros.

Vol 7

Volume Seven – El huracán del Valle28 minutes
The pioneer of conjunto music reminisces about his musical career, his life in the Valley and the changes of contemporary music fellow musicians and scholars comment about his legacy.

Vol 8

Volume Eight – Los camaroneros28 minutes
This history of shrimping in the Brownsville area includes comments by two generations of shimpers with photos and footage.  This business once made Brownsville the shrimping capital of the world.

Vol 9

Volume Nine – The Episcopal Day School, the First Fifty Years – 28 minutes
This school celebrates fifty years of quality private education. Directors, teacher and students comment about their experiences in the school and its legacy.

Vol 10

Volume Ten – Barbara Warburton, La maestra – 58 minutes
For over three decades, this biology teacher established a rich tradition of classroom teaching and research at Texas Southmost College. She helped to establish the Rancho del Cielo biological research station in northern Mexico.

Vol 11

Volume Eleven – Las raíces en los Ranchitos de San Isidro – 28 minutes
The Rio Grande Valley has a rich ranching heritage. Three generations of a small ranching family speak about their lives on a South Texas rancho in San Isidro. Historian Armando Alonzo comments about the history of Tejano ranching.

Vol 12

Volume Twelve – Los bomberos, medio siglo de historia – 28 minutes
The volunteer fire department in Los Fresnos, Texas celebrates fifty years of service. Firefighters across generations reminisce about their experiences, challenges and loyalty to firefighting.

Vol 13

Volume Thirteen – Benito Treviño, Lo que comemos, lo que nos cura – 58 minutes
This ethnobotnist speaks about his youth and his family rancho in the northern Rio Grande Valley. Additionally, he gives a tour of his Las Lomitas rancho and comments about edible and medicinal plants in South Texas.

Vol 14

Volume Fourteen – Carmen Lomas Garza, Chicana Artist – 58 minutes
One of the most successful Chicana artist speaks about her youth in Kingsville, Texas and her motivation to become an artist. Lomas Garza also presents and comments about some of her art.

Vol 15

Volume Fifteen – Celebrating Our People, Los del Valle – 28 minutes
This Hispanic Heritage Month tribute focuses on individuals who have enriched and preserved the history and culture of the Rio Grande Valley. Among these are folklorists Américo Paredes and Jovita Gonzalez.

Vol 16

Volume Sixteen – José M. Lopez, Un hombre valiente – 28 minutes
This military hero received numerous medals for bravery during World War II, including the Medal of Honor. Lopez and family members speak about his early years in Mexico and the Rio Grande Valley, his career as a boxer and his celebrated military career.

Vol 17

Volume Seventeen – Olga Lozano, Frontera Pharmacist – 28 minutes
This Harlingen, Texas native was one of the first Latinas to receive a pharmacy degree from The University of Texas at Austin. She recalls her early years in the Rio Grande Valley, her educational experiences in Austin and her later career.

Vol 18

Volume Eighteen – Américo Paredes, En sus propias palabras – 23 minutes
This great folklorist’s life is chronicled through interviews, video clips and personal recollections. Comments about his legacy are included from colleagues and family.

Vol 19

Volume Nineteen – Día de los muertos, Two Days in November – 12 minutes
Images of the Day of the Dead celebrations in the United States and Mexico are presented with original music and popular recordings as a background.

Vol 20

Volume Twenty – Dr. Juliet V. García – Against the Odds – 28 minutes
A native of Brownsville, Texas, Dr. Juliet V. García is the first Hispanic woman to head a four year university in the United States. As one of the most influential educators in the country, she shares her life story and her experiences at The University of Texas a Brownsville and Texas Southmost College.

Vol 21

Volume Twenty One – Dr. José Angel Gutierrez – 52 minutes
A native of Crystal City, Texas, Dr. José Angel Gutierrez is one of the most influential civil rights leader in Texas history. Founder of the Mexican American Youth Organization and La Raza Unida Party, he is currently a college professor and attorney in the Dallas area. In this autobiographical profile, Gutierrez speaks about his life as an activist and educator.

Vol 22

Volume Twenty Two – Mary Helen Berlanga, Education Advocate – 28 minutes
This immigration attorney and twenty five year member of the Texas State Board of Education has championed textbook and curriculum equity for children much of her professional life. Her life struggles and achievements are chronicled in this profile.

Vol 23

Volume Twenty Three – Don Jacinto Tzab Chac, Mayan Shaman – 28 minutes
This story is about how this Mayan Shaman's visit both awed and amazed the people he met.

Vol 23

Volume Twenty Four – Carmen Tafolla – 28 minutes
One of the most anthologized of Latina writers, Carmen Tafolla has published work for both children and adults in more than two hundred anthologies, magazines, journals, textbooks, and readers. Long considered one of the madrinas of Chicana Literature and a master of bilingual code-switching.

Vol 23

Volume Twenty Five – Juan Luis Longoria – 27 minutes
Change continues to be the constant for the valley vaqueros. Long drives and six-shooters have given way to helicopters, pickups and cell phones Technology have modernized the cowboy but decreased his numbers. Despite time and innovation his work ethic and respect for traditions remain firmly in the past. Juan Luis Longoria epitomizes what it means to be a valley vaquero..

Vol 26

Volume Twenty Six – Oscar Casares – 28 minutes
Brownsville native and acclaimed writer, Oscar Casares, uses his childhood memories and the culture of the Rio Grande Valley to create stories with a universal appeal. He recalls turning points in his own life that impacted his career.

Vol 27

Volume Twenty Seven – David Montejano – 29 minutes
With a professorial career spanning over two decades, Dr. Montejano is a San Antonio native, Yale graduate and recipient of the prestigious Fredrick Jackson Turner Award for his groundbreaking book, Anglos and Mexicans in the Making of Texas, 1836-1986.

Vol 28

Volume Twenty Eight – Valerio Longoria - For a Quarter a Song – 29 minutes
Born in Kenedy, Texas, a small farming community in 1920s, Valerio Longoria eventually became on of the most respected conjunto musicians in the United States. He was the first to combine the Mexican song with traditional instrumental music and the first to include the bolero and contemporary drums into the conjunto genre. In 1986 President Ronald Reagan with National Heritage Award for lifelong contributions a folk artist. Longoria speaks candidly about his life and his music career.

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