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Finish@UT - Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies

The Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies (BMS), offered by The University of Texas at Brownsville (UTB) as part of the Finish@UT program, is a highly flexible degree plan that allows students to select the coursework that appeals to them in a variety of disciplines and combine them, creating their own specialized degree. Students completing the BMS will be able to apply the knowledge and skills attained to expand their career and employment opportunities as well as continue their studies in a graduate degree or post-baccalaureate professional program. Your academic advisor can help you design a degree plan tailored to your interests.

Degree Plan

The BMS degree plan requires 120 total semester credit hours for completion. Consult with your advisor regarding how many credits must be taken from UTB. A 2.0 GPA is required for graduation.

The degree plan consists of:

  • General Education Core Curriculum (48 semester credit hours)
  • Two Concentrations (36 semester credit hours, upper-division)
  • Electives (42 semester credit hours)

Please refer to the downloadable degree plan for more information.

General Education Core Curriculum (42 total credits)

The State of Texas requires students to complete a core curriculum that encompasses a variety of disciplines. The list included here notes the areas that are required for completion of the UT Brownsville (UTB) core curriculum. Your transcript will be evaluated to determine which areas have already been fulfilled. If a student completes the core curriculum at another Texas institution, the student is considered core complete at UTB.

  • Communication - 6 semester credit hours
  • Mathematics - 3 semester credit hours
  • Natural Science - 8 semester credit hours
  • Humanities - 3 semester credit hours
  • Visual and Performing Arts - 3 semester credit hours
  • History - 6 semester credit hours
  • Government - 6 semester credit hours
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences - 3 semester credit hours
  • Institutionally Designated Option (4 semester credit hours - one-hour physical activity course and SPCH 1315 or 1318)

Should you need to complete some areas listed, you may do so by:

  1. taking online courses through the UT Online Consortium in either accelerated sessions or traditional semesters;
  2. completing courses on site at UTB's campus; or
  3. completing courses at another college or university and having them transferred into UTB.

Two Concentrations (36 total semester credit hours)

You will work with your BMS advisor to choose two areas of concentration. Each area of concentration is 18 credits, so your concentration coursework will be 36 semester credit hours total. You will need to complete at least one concentration from UTB. Concentration coursework must be taken at the upper-division level. Lower-division requirements and prerequisites to the upper-division coursework can be taken to fulfill the electives requirement of 36 hours.

Your advisor will help you incorporate concentrations from other Finish@UT partner institutions into a personalized degree plan that best fits your previous study and your career goals. For example, you may wish to take one concentration from UTB and work with your advisor to build a second concentration in some other area of study with the courses from other Finish@UT partner institutions.

Please see the sample degree plan for specific coursework required for each of the concentrations offered by UTB.

UT Online Consortium (UTOC) Registration

Students interested in the Finish@UT-BMS Program or in taking courses online can also do so by using the UT Online Consortium (UTOC) and Telecampus Information System (TIS).

At the UTOC site,, you can find information regarding online courses and the Finish@UT Programs offered by the UT Campuses.

For more information regarding TIS visit

Process to register for courses:

  1. Create a Student Account
  2. Look up courses and add to cart
  3. Submit your cart

Process of how courses are approved:

  1. Once cart is submitted your Program Advisor will receive a notification for approval.
  2. Program Advisor will confirm the courses selected can be used towards the degree and either approve or deny courses.
  3. If course is denied, you will receive a notification email that the course has been denied by your Advisor.
  4. If course is approved, the Host Campus Registrar will be required to confirm if the course is still available for registration. The Host Campus Registrar will either approve or deny the course.
  5. If course is denied, you will receive a notification email that the course has been denied by the Host Campus Registrar.
  6. If the course is approved, you will receive notification via email that you have been registered for the course.
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Degree Plan


How many semester credits are required to complete the degree?
The BMS degree plan requires a minimum of 120 semester credits. The online concentration coursework is offered via Finish@UT in accelerated 7-8-week sessions instead of a traditional semester-length format.

How many semester credits should I have completed before enrolling in the BMS program?
The BMS is designed as a completion program, so you should have completed your general education core curriculum (42 credits) prior to enrolling in the concentration coursework. If you don't have the required credits, additional online courses are available for you through UT institutions via the UT Online Consortium (UTOC).

What is the cost of BMS courses?
The cost of Finish@UT courses depends on the tuition and fees structures of the campuses hosting them and is based on residency status. Refer to the Finish@UT Cost and Financial Aid Information page for more details.

What institution will issue my degree and what will the diploma read?
When you complete the BMS program, your degree will be from The University of Texas at Brownsville and your diploma will be for a Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies.

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