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B.A.T Computer Information Systems Technology


  • COSC 1336 Programming Fundamentals I
    This course is an introduction to programming logic and programming. Topics include propositional calculus and Boolean algebra, numeric systems and their arithmetic, software development ethics and methodologies, data types, control structures, functions, arrays, testing and debugging. This course satisfies computer literacy requirements. Lec 3, Lab 1, Cr 3
  • COSC 1337 Programming Fundamentals II
    The course will use a high level programming language to review structured and abstract data types, object oriented paradigm, software engineering techniques, searching and sorting techniques, and analysis of algorithm. Lec 3, Lab 1, Cr 3
  • COSC 2336 Programming Fundamenta​ls III
    This course is designed for computer science and engineering students. The course will include topics including conc​epts of file input/ output, recursion backtracking, data structures including queues, stacks, linked lists, trees, hash tables, and graphs. Software engineering techniques for modularity, reusability, documentation, testing, error detection and recovery are also covered. Lec 3, Lab 1, Cr 3
  • CIST 3310 Foundations of Information Technology
    This course is designed to familiarize students with skills needed in information technology. Discrete concepts are discussed and become practical when applied to the understanding of various concepts in Computer Information Technology. Lec 3, Lab 1, Cr 3


  • CIST 3313 Computer Networks
    Computer Networks are introduced. Topics include ISO/OSI layer models, study of LANs and standards, inter/intra-nets and networking security. Students will not receive credit for both CIST 3330 and CIST 3313 or CIST 3342. Lec 3, Cr 3
  • CIST 3316 Web Programming and Design
    This course focuses on web programming and the underlying Internet client server paradigm. Techniques to be studied include dynamic content with client-side and server-side scripting languages. Issues of security, session management and integration with databases are discussed in detail along with an overview of the fundamentals of e-Commerce. Lec 3, Cr 3
  • CIST 3340 Concepts and Methods of Education Technology
    This course will provide an understanding of learning models and the impact of technology in enhancing in the learning process. This includes the application of teaching and learning strategies that integrate technology in the classroom environment. Lec 3, Cr 3
  • CIST 3342 Database Management Systems
    This course introduces database administration systems. Topics include database access methods, data models, query languages and optimization, concurrency control, recovery, security, integrity, client server architecture, and distributed database systems. Lec 3, Cr 3
  • CIST 4310 Operating Systems Management
    This course introduces applied operating system concepts. Operating System theory and application are explored using varies environments. Topics include: operating system installations, configuration and troubleshooting, process management, communication and synchronization, memory and device management, directory and file management, system administration and security including user account management. Lec 3, Cr 3
  • CIST 4313 Advanced Computer Networking
    This course provides computer networking topics based on the OSI seven layers. Networking topics include advanced administration techniques, advanced security, adding components, trouble-shooting techniques and network management. Students will install and administrate current networking operating systems in servers and clients in a lab environment. Lec 3, Cr 3
  • CIST 4330 Computer Graphics and Digital Imaging Processing
    This course covers fundamental principles of graphics and digital imaging. Topics of this course include graphics acquisition, graphics optimization, image manipulations, masking, layering, compositing, image correction techniques, and video manipulating and filtering techniques. Lec 3, Cr 3
  • CIST 4342 Advanced Database Management Systems
    This course provides database management topics which include relational database design, formal and commercial query models, network and hierarchical data models, and concurrency control. Lec 3, Cr 3
  • CIST 4346 Systems Analysis and Design
    This course provides an understanding of the system development cycle. It enables students to evaluate and choose a system development methodology. Topics include systems survey, functional specifications, interface specification, data design, program design, system testing and implementation. Lec 3, Cr 3
  • CIST 4360 Advanced Computer Graphics and Digital Image Processing​
    This course introduces basic concepts of designing, creating, editing and manipulating the layout of photographic-quality animation sequences, professional images, and multi-media slide presentations and how to integrate them within the web environment. Image and audio formats, compression techniques and transmission techniques are also discussed. Lec 3, Cr 3

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