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Fine and Fee Appeal Guidelines and Procedures

Appeal Procedures

Fine appeal procedures apply for both UTB and TSC patrons. If you wish to appeal a library fine, you should first discuss the charge with the Circulation & Reserves Services Librarian. Further action can be taken if you wish to dispute a library fine by conducting the following procedures.

  1. IMPORTANT: Before submitting the appeal form, please note that the following are NOT acceptable reasons for appealing a fine and will NOT be considered:
    • Lack of knowledge of loan regulations
    • Failing to note due dates
    • Failing to renew books on time either online or in person
    • I did not receive a due date slip or library receipt from the circulation staff
    • I did not receive my overdue notice via email for a book I checked out, and now I'm being fined for it
    • I did not read my e-mail
    • I did not have internet access
    • The library was closed
    • I did not know where the outside book drop was located
    • The books were stolen from my home, locker, vehicle, classroom, store or the REK Center
    • I went out of town and my books became overdue
    • My books were lost while I was away
    • I damaged a library material
    • I returned the books to a different library
    • I just moved to a new city
    • I checked out a book for a friend and now I'm being fined for it
    • I asked my friend to return the books and the books where not turned in
    • I checked out a book for a professor and now I'm being fined for it
    • I was too busy
    • I can’t afford the fee or fine
    • It is the responsibility of the individual being fined to file the appeal
    • To be eligible for an appeal the amount disputing must be greater than $50.00
    • Only one fine appeal per academic calendar year and per patron
    • All appeal forms must be filled out completely and accurately
    • Please submit any documentation that will help the Fine Appeals Committee make its decision. The only acceptable documentation is a due date slip and library receipts
    • Appeal form is available at Library website - Fine and Fee Appeal Form


  • Name of patron will not be disclosed to the Library Appeals Committee
  • The Fines Appeals Committee will convene and discuss each appeal
  • The Committee will make a decision and a notice will be sent to the patron
  • All appeal decision from the Fine Appeals Committee is final, no further review will be processed
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