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Reserves Forms: Articles / Library Books / Personal Material

Student's Guide for Course Reserve Material:

What are reserves?
Reserves are supplemental course materials that are in high demand and can only be checked out for short periods of time. For example, a professor may put a sample test on reserve a week before an exam. Other types of reserves include library books, journal articles, music CDs, and lecture notes.

How to find course reserves:
  • Course reserve material may be checked out and returned at the Library & Research Services Desk located at the entrance of the Library. A UTB or TSC ID CARD is required for checking out Reserve material.
  • Reserve material is checked out for 2 hours (Library Use Only), 1 day reserve, or 3 days reserve as specified by instructor.
  • Reserve material is due 15 minutes before library closes.

Loan Periods and Fines
Material Checkout Limit Renewable Fine Amount
2 hours
(Library Use Only)
varies varies $0.30 per hour late
1 day reserve varies no $1.20 per day late
3 days reserve varies no $1.20 per day late
$20.00 Maximum late fee for reserve material(s)

Instructor's Guide for Submitting Course Reserves Requests

Placing Materials on Reserves
Instructors can place various items on reserve for the students in their classes. Items placed on reserve have a limited loan period which is specified by the instructor who placed the materials on reserve.

  1. The instructor must complete a Reserve Request Form for Articles, Library Books and/or Personal Material that they want reserved at the University Library. This form may be submitted online or completed in-person at the Library & Research Services Desk.
  2. If you are planning on adding or removing new material(s) during the semester, you must notify the Circulation and Reserves full-time staff at (956) 882-8221 or in person.
  3. Material(s) will be processed Monday - Friday (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.). Material(s) is processed on a first come, first served basis, and requires a maximum of 24 hours to process.
  4. Every Faculty member must present their UTB or TSC ID CARD. If you need an identification card, please stop by the University Library Help Desk to obtain one.
  5. The instructor is responsible for supplying the library with the following:
    • 3 copies of each article(s), lecture notes, exams, and/or assignments submitted
    • A copy of the Course Syllabus is required for reserve records - The syllabus will help us categorize the material(s) and it will also help us to better serve the students.
    • Personal books
    • Library books
    • All articles, lecture notes, exams, and/or assignments submitted, except the extra copy, will be bound into a single folder for each course. Your personal copies of books, videotapes, and other materials, may be tagged for use with the circulation system.
  6. Library is not responsible for loss or damage personal material(s).

Reserve Forms

To place items on reserve, fill out a Reserve Request Form. Forms can be submitted online or obtained at the Library & Research Services Desk.

Please fill out the form as completely as possible and cite items as you will cite them in your assignments.

If you add materials later in the semester for the same course number, you do not have to fill out another form; just visit the Library & Research Services Desk.

Materials will be removed from reserve in the week following the end of the semester and returned to your department office. If you prefer another arrangement to receive your materials at the end of term, please note it at the bottom of the Reserve Request Form.



Reserve materials may be submitted throughout the school year. Materials should be turned in for processing two weeks before classes will need them.

Copyright Guidelines

Any questions related to copyrighted materials please go to:

UT System Fair Use Policy
Copyright in the Library Fair Use - Reserve Room Operations

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