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“Move Your Life Forward” Campaign Encourages Early Registration  
BROWNSVILLE, TEXASAPRIL 16, 2013 Students are canvassing The University of Texas at Brownsville to encourage their peers to take control of their academic careers as the university’s fall 2013 registration is underway.

Mary Jo Nava, 20, an English education major from Brownsville, speaks to a class about registration as part of the "Move Your Life Forward" campaign

Mary Jo Nava, 20, a junior English education major and Porter High School graduate from Brownsville, has visited several classes in the Science, Engineering and Technology Building in recent days to encourage students to register early. Nava, along with other student leaders, are part of the “Move Your Life Forward” campaign to talk to their peers to register early for classes.
Students representing the Division of Academic Affairs and the Division of Student Life began fanning out across the university last week to speak briefly to classes about registration deadlines and academic advising. The students are also telling others about the temporary One-Stop Enrollment Shop on the first floor of the Arnulfo L. Oliveira Memorial Library.
“A lot of students are waiting until the last minute for classes and finding they are full,” said Nava. “They need to register on time for the classes they want.”
San Benito resident and San Benito High School graduate Pedro Rangel, 20, a senior accounting major and member of the Student Government Association, has also visited classes to encourage others to check on their academic status before signing up for the classes they need. 
“It is a great experience,” said Rangel. “I love doing this. I enjoy helping others and it just makes me feel like I am improving the life of others by simply answering questions, informing them about something in particular like registration.”
Rangel said there are four steps that students should follow to ensure a smooth semester: verify that there are no registration blocks, know when registration dates are, know how many semester credit hours have been accumulated and have an idea of what classes to register for before meeting with an academic advisor. 
“Procrastination is a deadline’s enemy,” said Rangel. “Don’t let it defeat you, push yourself. Set your mind to it just as if it was a research paper deadline or an application deadline for an internship or scholarship.”
There is also a university-wide effort to rouse students to check their records at UTB Online for any pending blocks hindering them from registering for classes. Some of the most common blocks include parking fines, missing or incomplete high school or university transcripts, federal loan defaults and accounts receivable balances.
“The campaign has encouraged our campus to continue with a one-stop location in the Oliveira Library and we are in consideration of continuing with this service through the month of May,” said Rene Villarreal, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management.
This year UTB has mailed letters to about 1,000 graduating high school seniors. Students who received the letters have until Tuesday, April 30 to declare their intent to enroll. 
For more information on registration and important deadlines, contact the university’s Office of Admissions and Recruiting at 956-882-8829 or
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