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UTB/TSC Awards Contract for Campus Security Fence
BROWNSVILLE,TEXAS –OCTOBER 2, 2008- The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College announced the execution of a contract for improvements to a security fence along its southern perimeter.
The winning bid of $1.04 million was submitted by Thrall, Texas-based Construction Rent-A-Fence. In all, six firms submitted bids. Pre-construction activities will begin next week and security fence upgrades are expected to be completed by Dec. 31. 
In July, UTB/TSC agreed to enhance its security fence in lieu of a border wall to be constructed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. 
Since then, the Texas Southmost College District Board of Trustees has acquired the property and buildings between its campus and the U.S. Point of Entry at Gateway Bridge.  The property was formerly owned by the Brownsville Art League. 
UTB/TSC will extend its security fence along approximately 1,100 feet of added property. Construction costs for the added section will be approximately $380,000.
UTB/TSC also plans to spend approximately $250,000 to enhance campus security technology near its physical plant maintenance area, the new Recreation, Education and Kinesiology Center and along the perimeter of its south side parking lot.

The design calls for UTB/TSC to increase the height of its current 8-foot-high fence to 10 feet and upgrade it with high technology security devices. The enhancements would complement security methods already in use.


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