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photo gallery of master chorale banner


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Companion Tour
A special collection of photos featuring those who joined the Master Chorale's tour of Italy as part of the companion tour. Thank you for your support...View Gallery 1,  View Gallery 2

Saturday, March 14
Departure from Rio Grande Valley...View Gallery

Sunday, March 15
Arrival in Rome, dinner and rehersal...View Gallery

Monday, March 16
Guided Tour of Ancient Rome, featuring Roman Forum, the Coliseum and Circus Maximus...View Gallery

Performance at St. Peter's Basilica...View Gallery

Tuesday, March 17
Guided tour of the Vatican Museum, highlights include Michelangelo's frescos found in the Sistine Chapel, the treasure-filled Basilica of St. Peter and the Chair of St. Peter, Afternoon at Piazza Navona/Patheon area...View Gallery

Performance at San't Andrea della Valle Church...View Gallery

Wednesday, March 18
Tour of Assisi and the Basilica di San Francesco, best known as the birthplace of St. Francis of Assisi-patron saint of Italy and impromptu performance at St. Francis Basilica...View Gallery

Thursday, March 19
Guided tour of Florence, highlights include the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore (Duomo) and it's crypt, the adjacent Baptistery with mosaics illustrating the Last Judgement and the Accademia Museum and performance at Teatro San Romano, Lucca....View Gallery

Friday, March 20
Sightseeing in Orvieto, highlights include the famous Duomo, the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo and teh Museo Emilio Greco and panoramic illuminated evening tour of Ancient Rome...View Gallery