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A revised map from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security calls for the construction of an 18-foot-high fence on the levee south of the Scorpion baseball field and the Education and Business Complex parking lot. The proposed fence places all of the Fort Brown Memorial Golf Course and the remnants of historic Fort Texas on the fence’s south side.

The Department of Homeland Security also indicates it will require access to 60 feet on either side of the fence. Since the baseball field is located adjacent to the levee, this requirement would actually require access to the outer field. The 60-foot requirement on either side of the fence would also require access to the newly constructed parking lot for the Education and Business Complex on University Boulevard. 

The revised plan no longer includes plans to build a fence north of the International, Technology, Education and Commerce Campus (ITECC). Originally, the plan would have placed ITECC on the south side of the fence. The new map shows the proposed fence to be aligned along the levee south of Gateway International Bridge.

In October 2007, the University received a letter from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security asking for right of entry onto University property. The request sought access to survey University land for up to 18 months to store equipment and supplies, take samples and do any other work they found necessary for the proposed construction of the fence. It also stipulated that the government would not be responsible for any damage done to property during their work preparing to construct the fence.

In March 2008, Brownsville Federal Judge Andrew Hanen dismissed a civil action suit against UTB/TSC after the University and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security reached an agreement regarding access to University property. Click here for a news release about terms of the agreement. 

“We are pleased that we have an opportunity to participate in meaningful discussions with DHS as
we continue to seek a mutually acceptable solution that will allow us to maintain our fundamental mission in higher
 education. We hope to reach agreement on the most appropriate method to secure the border
area near the University”

Dr. Juliet V. García,


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