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Career Center Connector: My Story

November 2012

Katharina Nobel 


Hometown: Leer, Germany
Pursuing: M.B.A.
Campus Involvement: Graduate Assistant
GPA: Undergraduate 3.81,Graduate 3.5

Katharina Nobel Polaroids

Why UTB and TSC?

“When I looked for a new school during my junior year, the choice wasn’t hard. UTB has one of the best volleyball programs in the country combined with an AACSB accredited School of Business. When the coach offered me a scholarship, I didn’t hesitate for long.”

What do you want to do with you major?

“To be honest, I am not exactly sure. I like working with numbers, but I also like working with people. I definitely want to pursue a doctorate degree next, so maybe I will end up teaching at university level? Time will show.”

What has been your experience at UTB and TSC?

“I do not regret choosing UTB; I have had a great time so far. With the volleyball team, we won the national championship in December 2011; certainly, one of the most memorable moments of my life. I have also made great friends, and I fell in love. When I was offered a graduate assistantship, I decided to stay to pursue a master’s degree. We have excellent faculty in the School of Business, and the assistantship allows me to combine theory and practice.”

Do you have any advice for students?

“Do not lose your sense of adventure to settle for something safe. We are moving towards a global economy, so it is important to get out of your comfort zone and gather as much experience as you can.”

What has been your biggest obstacle in your career?

“It was definitely the constant struggle between sports and school while serving as a student-athlete. Many people overlook how many hours athletes put into their sport. Yes, we get scholarships for that, but we also have to make a lot of sacrifices. Being an athlete means basically to have no free time. It was hard to be successful in sports AND school, but I can proudly say I managed to do so!”


UTB Volleyball team returns to Brownsville after winning NAIA National Championship.
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