Office of the President - The University of Texas at Brownsville
APRIL 1, 2013 SPRING 2013 NO. 10

Dear Colleagues:

This summer will pose a difficult time for the university community as employees affected by the Reduction in Force make plans for their transition. It is our most sincere objective to help these employees secure new employment while still providing uninterrupted services to students. Because of the diversity of the departments on campus, there is no one-size fits-all template for how to continue duties throughout the summer.

Reassignment to the Employee Development Center (EDC) must be a more formal process than at first anticipated to insure compliance with state employment law. Therefore, all employees affected by the RIF must continue to serve the University in some capacity in order to draw a salary and retain important benefits through August 31, 2013.

To provide further clarity:

  1. Employees must complete work requirements through August 31 in good standing. That means that employees must continue to report to their respective departments or at the EDC at the discretion of their supervisors. Supervisors will best determine how to balance the needs of serving our students and of assisting our employees in transition.

  2. Any assignment will require the employee’s attendance at either the department or the EDC during regular working hours.

  3. To receive the separation payment all employees must sign the separation agreement by May 20th or May 24th as stated in their individual separation packets, and must remain employed in good standing at UTB through May 31st, 2013.

We understand the profound impact the Reduction in Force has had on our employees and their families. We will continue to assist affected employees through the transition with the respect and professionalism that honors the service they have given on behalf of our students.

We are very appreciative for the professional and candid conversations we have had with the Staff Senate regarding the concerns of the campus community. We are committed to continuing this important dialogue, and encourage employees to reach out to them or any members of the administration during this time of transition.

Juliet V. García

The University of Texas at Brownsville
The University of Texas at Brownsville
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