Office of the President - The University of Texas at Brownsville
MAY 14, 2013 SPRING 2013 NO. 12

Dear Colleagues,

Since we sent out the May 3rd Transition Focus newsletter, several items have surfaced that will help to ease the transition of moving over the summer months.

Administrative Services for Faculty

The Deans’ offices will serve as the home base for the colleges and schools this summer, where faculty can make copies, receive mail and direct students to turn in assignments or paperwork.

Checking Out Computers

For faculty who require the use of their office desktop computer over the summer, a procedure has been established allowing you to check out the computer for use off campus. The procedures require that the computer first be scanned and cleansed of sensitive data. In some cases, encryption may be necessary, which would need to be scheduled. The Property Removal from Campus form and instructions for completing the form are attached. Please direct any questions regarding your move to your Deans’ office, and we will work together to answer your concerns.

Returning Keys

Previously, we had asked you to return your office keys to the Deans’ office. However, we ask that you follow our new campus protocol of returning keys to Campus Police.

We are very appreciative of the faculty and administrators who continue to help us think through the details of this considerable undertaking. We will continue to update the FAQ regarding faculty moving procedures with your assistance.

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Juliet V. García

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