Office of the President - The University of Texas at Brownsville
APRIL 1, 2013 SPRING 2013 NO. 8

Tomorrow is the day that we have the difficult task of notifying employees of the positions to be eliminated due to the termination of the partnership between UTB and TSC. This very complicated work has benefited greatly from the honest and good advice that we have received from the Staff Senate. We thank them for their valuable help.

Last month, at a meeting organized by the Staff Senate, we explained the RIF process and the expectations for employment through August 31. Today, we were notified by the UT System that one statement needs revision in order to be in clear compliance with laws for state employees.

Reassignment to the Employee Development Center must be a more formal process than at first anticipated to insure compliance with state employment law. Therefore, all employees affected by the RIF must continue to serve the University in some capacity in order to draw a salary and retain important benefits through August 31.

Vice Presidents and Directors are encouraged to support all reasonable efforts by staff to secure a new position including assigning staff to the Employee Development Center in part or in whole.

The relationship we have with the staff is very important to us. We continue to be very appreciative of their trust and shared commitment to our common purpose.

Juliet V. García

The University of Texas at Brownsville
The University of Texas at Brownsville
Office of the President
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