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Dear Colleagues:

Over the past week, I have been approached by many of our campus and community members regarding the process moving forward for UTB and TSC. I want to assure you that the UT System Regents have expressed their unwavering  commitment to the mission of our four-year university and have charged UT Brownsville’s leadership to redirect its time and energies to the future aspirations of the university’s unique and important educational goals.

The UT System has already appointed a transition team to negotiate details of the separation, and the TSC Board of Trustees voted last night to appoint a team at their December meeting.

Everything will remain status quo until some “end date” is announced. The partnership contract allows for the transition to wind down as late as August, 31 2015, but the Chancellor has asked to achieve separation well before the 2015 deadline in a manner sensitive to the needs of our faculty, students and staff. The Partnership remains accredited by SACS ‘as is’, and  students graduating throughout the wind down period will continue to receive UTB/TSC diplomas as they have for the past 19 years. Thereafter, UTB retains its accreditation as the parent institution and TSC would begin the process of seeking to regain its own separate accreditation.

The following link features a condensed version of the conversation our campus community had last Friday regarding the UT System Regents’ decision:

We have also developed a website dedicated to the ongoing discussion:

We renew our commitment to our serving our region and invite you to join us in continuing to work toward a brighter future.

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