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Position of Special Trust

In accordance with The University of Texas at Brownsville Information Resources Use and Security Policy (section V, item 4), all university employees with elevated systems privileges and access to Category A university data shall be required to acknowledge annually the additional responsibilities they bear with those privileges by signing a Position of Special Trust form. Supervisors are expected to review the current job duties to determine if designation of Position of Special Trust is appropriate.

If Position of Special Trust is designated, employees shall acknowledge the additional responsibilities by signing the Position of Special Trust Form. The form is submitted to the Information Security Office and to the employee's department head. Employees are expected to familiarize themselves with all policies, rules, and regulations that pertain to their job.

Applying the Position of Special Trust

Any position that gives incumbents special privileges or elevated access to systems or Category A data should be considered to require this designation, including most information technology positions. Special or elevated access is generally available to systems administrators for the purpose of administering others’ access to systems. They also often have access to data above that of general users. 

Examples of special access privileges include: managing a mail server, file server, or network infrastructure; managing a sensitive business process for a department or the campus.

The Office of Information Security can provide additional guidance to supervisors in determining an appropriate designation.

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