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UTB/TSC has “Reciprocal Exchange” programs with universities around the world. These programs allow current UTB/TSC students to study at the various foreign institutions with which we have formal agreements, and in turn allow overseas students to study at UTB/TSC. Generally, our students take regular university courses with students from their host country. Some universities also offer a selection of courses geared for foreign students, which may be taught in English.

Students participating in semester programs earn regular UTB/TSC credit, just as if they were taking courses on campus. All grades earned for the courses undertaken are computed into the official GPA,just as they would be for grades earned in courses taken on campus.

Think study abroad isn't affordable? Think again! Semester students pay their regular UTB/TSC tuition and fees just as if they were studying here. In addition, students are responsible for paying for housing, food, transportation, and general costs of living in the host country.

In general, students interested in applying for an Exchange program should be of Sophmore standing and have at least 3.0 GPA. (This may vary depending on the program selected).

Please review our list of current partners to visit their homepages and what majors are offered at each site.


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