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Molecular Parasitology

Dr. Michael Lehker, Ph.D.
Chair/Associate Dean
Lab: Molecular Parasitology
Office: BRHP 1.110
Office Phone: 956-882-7960
Lab Location: BRHP 1.131
Lab Phone: 882-5770

“Trichomonas Vaginalis: A Co-Factor in Urogenital Carcinogeneis” 2004-2009

“Iron Metabolism and Virulence Gene Regulation in Trichomonas Vaginalis” 2004-2007

Dr. Lehker’s laboratory aims to dissect the host-pathogen relationship that leads to trichomonosis, a disease that affects 167 million people annually world wide. Trichomonosis is caused by Trichomonas vaginalis the major, non-viral sexually transmitted pathogen in this countrythat infects anywhere between 5-46% of the population.

    Observation of lab work Observation of lab work
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