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Septo-Hippocampal Pathophysiology

Dr. Luis Colom, M.D., Ph.D.
Vice President for Research
Lab: Septo-Hippocampal Pathophysiology
Office: BRHP 2.202
Office Phone: 956-882-5048
Lab Location: BRHP 2.128
Lab Phone: 956-882-5064

Research Summary

The Alzheimer’s Association reports that 5.2 million Americans are currently suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S. The region of the brain called the hippocampus is the first to suffer damage. The first symptoms are usually disorientation and memory problems. It is estimated that 10 million baby boomers will develop Alzheimer’s in their lifetime.

Dr. Colom’s research interests include identifying the synaptic connections among septal neurons and the functional circuits established through these connections. Dr. Colom has also studied the mechanisms of the physiological (theta rhythm) and pathological (epilepsy) neuronal synchrony in limbic circuits. His research may result in therapeutic strategies dedicated to modulate cognitive processes and alleviate the burden of age related disorders.


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