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Subrecipient Agreements and Subcontract Awards

Sponsored research funded by awards made to the University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College is usually conducted by UTB/TSC employees on the premises of the University.  On occasion, however, some of the goods or services necessary to do the work, or some of the work, may need to be obtained from other institutions, companies, or individuals (third parties). In order to determine which regulations and procedures apply to the procurement of these goods, services, or work, it must first be determined whether a subrecipient or a subcontractor (vendor) relationship exists between UTB/TSC and the third party.

Subrecipient Agreements. A subrecipient is an institution, company or organization that receives financial assistance that is passed down from a prime sponsor. The responsibility of a subrecipient is to help UTB/TSC meet the requirements of that award, and a subrecipient's performance is measured against meeting the objectives of the prime grant or contract. The portion of work being performed by the subrecipient constitutes a significant component of the research program. The subrecipient performs a substantive piece of an award made to UTB/TSC and fully collaborates in the scientific execution of the project.

If a faculty member's proposal includes an intended subrecipient agreement, there must be a proposal from the subrecipient to include with UTB/TSC's proposal that will be submitted to the prime sponsor. The subrecipient's proposal must consist of:

a. A statement of work;

b. A signature by a designated business official of the subrecipient institution. The signature may be supplied by the use of specific agency forms/cover pages or the inclusion of an institutional letter of commitment. The institutional signatory must be someone who is authorized to commit the subrecipient's resources toward completion of the project.

c. When required by the agency, representations and certifications;

d. When required by the agency, a disclosure of current and pending support;

e. When required by the agency, a curriculum vitae.

f. Subcontract Awards. A subcontract is awarded to a vendor providing goods or services related to the objectives of UTB/TSC's prime award. A subcontract is recognized as a procurement contract for goods or services. Typically a vendor provides the goods or services within normal business operations, provides similar goods or services to many different purchasers, and operates in a competitive environment. Subcontracts are subject to the application of UTB/TSC's full indirect cost rate for every period in which the subcontract is in effect. Additionally, if a project has multiple subcontracts to different vendors, each is subject to the application of UTB/TSC's full indirect cost rate.


After the subcontract/subrecipient agreement is fully executed and work has commenced, it is the responsibility of the principal investigator to:

  1. Review all invoices from the subcontractor/subrecipient to determine if the charges are appropriate, submitted on the required forms and in the required format, along with supporting documentation.
  2. Prepare a voucher to make payment for all appropriate charges
  3. Monitor the progress of the subcontractor/subrecipient 
  4. Obtain all required deliverables from the subcontractor/ subrecipient
  5. Obtain all required closeout documents as required by the subcontract and forward them to the Business Office with the approval of the final invoice.


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