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Becoming a University Ambassador

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Mission Statement
As the University Ambassadors, we strive to improve the quality of our university through professionalism, dedicated service, and a direct partnership with several departments within UTB.

The purpose of the program is to create leadership, networking, and learning opportunities for students in the program and strive to improve the quality of the university by showcasing UTB Students. 

UTB strongly believes we have great students with unlimited potential.  If we are able to showcase our best students to our local community and dignitaries, they in turn will see what we see every day, and then help us to make sure we are providing the best education for our students.

Leadership Expectations: Being Part of a High-Functioning Team 
As University Ambassadors, you are also expected to develop your leadership skills and work as a team.  Leadership in a team is not easy.  It is an ongoing process that constantly develops throughout your lifetime.  Teamwork — when it’s clicking — can be one of the best parts of the University Ambassador Job. It involves people collaborating, creating and connecting. Yet, there are going to be times when your team experiences some rough and rocky roads. You may be frustrated, the team may be struggling to work together, you and your supervisor may not be communicating well. Whatever the situation is, you need to stay focused on your priority: the students. Here are some tips to help you and your team stay positive and strong.

  1. Do Encourage Each Other – When things get tough, the tough get going! If you notice a Ambassador is struggling or losing momentum, go out of your way to tell him how important his contributions are to the team and how much you enjoy working with him.
  2. Don’t Talk Behind Backs – If you are having trouble with a team member, don’t share it with others.  Go directly to the person, in a kind and compassionate manner, and share what is on your mind.  You will not only show respect, you will come to a quicker and more effective resolution.
  3. Do Lend A Hand – If a fellow Ambassador ask you to help out or ask for a favor, do your best to oblige, and then follow up with it.  It’s the team-orientated thing to do, plus, who knows, you may need them to reciprocate some day.
  4. Don’t be the Weakest Link – You have probably hear the quote, “ A team is only as strong as its weakest link.” Be sure that you are not the weak link on the Ambassador Team.  Live up to your responsibilities, meet team expectation, and communicate effectively and often.
  5. Do Give and Receive Feedback – Part of a growing as an individual, leader, team and program is listening to and responding to feedback.  Give and receive feedback respectfully and graciously
  6. Don’t Stick to Cliques – Nothing breaks down group cohesiveness like cliques.  Some Ambassadors will become better friends than others, yet reach out beyond your comfort zone to know others, too.
  7. Do Create Team Traditions - Spending so much time together, you’ll develop your own special traditions that reflect your group’s special sense of loyalty or quirkiness.
  8. Don’t forget to be Polite – Good manners are an important part of any workplace relationship.  Remember the “thank you” and “please” philosophy.  And be careful not to interrupt, even when your enthusiasm is bubbling over
  9. Do Maintain a Professional Attitude - Professional work together to resolve a situation rather than searching for someone to blame.  Honesty evaluating your own responsibilities and owning up to your mistakes is the sign of a consummate professional.
  10. Leave Your team Baggage Behind – you may have been a part of teams before! Some may have been great, some not so good, but you need to leave some of those expectations or perceptions behind! Bring to the group the strategies and skills you learned from previous teamwork initiatives.  However, leave behind the expectations that this experience will be exactly like the last.
  • Do bring strategies that worked
  • Do bring new ideas
  • Do bring energy, creativity and ommitment
  • Do bring Openness to learn from each member
  • Do not bring memories of things that did not work
  • Do not bring attitude: “Been there, done that”
  • Do not bring negativity, hesitation and reluctance
  • Do not bring an inability to be open to differences
Scorpion Ambassadors with President Juliet V. Garcia
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