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CAMP is the main reason why I am attending college today. I recently became a migrant, but I too have felt the hardships of the migrant life. As a CAMP scholar I have learned the importance of studying and keeping track of the classes. CAMP played a good part of my early college career by providing me with a computer lab and tutors ready to help me with any subject and also a printer to print documents at no cost.

The tutors and mentors have helped me understand my class work and on creating better writing skills. Throughout my first year in college, CAMP has given me great opportunities and motivation to never give up and to continue with my education because Si Se puede!!

Leonardo Aguilar, Sophomore
Criminal Justice.
Migrated to Iowa to work in an egg factory
CAMP guided me through my first year of college in various ways. CAMP provided the books that I needed which I had no idea how expensive they were. I could not afford any books at that time. Also, CAMP provided the much needed tutors and mentors that helped me transition from high school to the college life and helped me pass my hardest challenge in my first year, college algebra. Thanks to CAMP’s mentoring and preparation, I can go through college independently and with confidence knowing that CAMP set me up for success.
Hector Pedraza, Junior
Migrated to Minnesota to process corn products
As a first generation college student, with no understanding of university life, CAMP at UTB has aided in my collegiate triumph. Not only did CAMP assist with my transitioning from high school to college, but it also provided me with a strong support group. CAMP staff has been an immense contribution to my achievements; their constant interest in my grades, classes, even personal matters have been of much help. I have been employed for CAMP since January 2011 and my position as a peer tutor has not only given me the satisfaction of enhancing my communication and social skills, but has also helped me become a more proactive leader. Overall, CAMP has taught me how to become an organized, independent, goal-striving person.
Yeanett Ledezma, 2013 UTB Graduate
Harvested cucumbers, pumpkins, squash, peppers, and tomatoes in Ohio
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