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Scholarship Application Process


Scholarship Application Process Narration

Narrator: Hello students! Welcome to the scholarship application process!


Counselor: Come in.
Counselor: Hi Julio, do you know why you are here?
Student: No, I have no idea.
Counselor: You were called in to be informed about scholarship applications
Student: What’s a scholarship?
Narrator: Now what is a scholarship?
Narrator: A scholarship is an award of financial aid for a student to further their education in a college or university.
Student: I just entered high school. That does not even apply to me yet.
Counselor: Of course it does! Competitive scholarships require various criteria and as freshmen you need to start building an action plan.
Student: What do you mean an action plan?
Counselor: Well for starters, you can begin by participating in community service projects, being involved in extracurricular activities, career planning, creating a resume and most importantly maintaining high academic merits.
Student: Oh okay. High academic merits? I am not sure what that is.
Counselor: Well, high academic merits refers to good outstanding grades which can be achieved by taking advanced placement courses, studying for your courses, and attending tutoring.
Student: Thanks! Now I know where to start.
Narrator: Now you are probably wondering where to obtain scholarships?
Narrator: Now here is where you can obtain scholarships!
Narrator: Such as counselors office, Teachers recommendation, organizational scholarships (for example: Sports, STEMS,  Zonta Z club), and scholarship websites such as


Counselor: Alex!
Student: Is this going to take long? Because my friends are waiting for me.
Counselor: Well let’s see how your scholarship process is coming along.
Student: Okay, I guess I’m already here.
Counselor: Well let’s see what you have so far.
Student: Well, I just updated my resume and I already have 25 hours of community service.
Counselor: That is great! And heading for the 50 by the end of this year right?
Student: What? More?
Counselor: Of course! Remember that the effort that you put now will pay off in the future. Plus this is a four year progress. It will pay off trust me.
Student: Well what can I do to strengthen my resume?
Counselor: Well let me tell you.
Narrator: Applications have requirements. Requirements include: resumes, community service, GPA, Recommendation letters, Essay, and FAFSA Submission.
Narrator: Resume. A resume is a document used by individuals to present their backgrounds and skill sets. This includes educational background, Awards and Achievements, Work Experience and Community Service.
Narrator: Now let’s talk about Community Service!
Narrator: If you have never heard of community service it is a donated service or activity performed by someone or a group for the benefit of the public.
Narrator: So what are good types of community service? Good types of community service includes tutoring children with disabilities, assisting in nursing homes, volunteering in hospitals and reading for children to promote the love for reading.
Student: Is that it?
Counselor: Of course not! Maybe get some assistance in creating personal statements.
Student: What for?
Counselor: This will assist you in applying for scholarships by providing a clear and organized statement to the reviewer about your personal and academic backgrounds, accomplishments, and career goals.
Student: Oh Okay.
Counselor: Obtaining the experience in writing a personal statement will help you develop the skills necessary when writing the official one.
Student: Sounds good. I’ll get to it.
Counselor: Thank you for your time. Remember to keep up your good grades.
Student: Yes mam.
Narrator: Now let’s see what a GPA is.  A GPA is the students grade point average based on a scale. It is important to know that most competitive scholarships require a minimum of a 3.0 GPA. For example the Gates Millennium Scholarship requires a minimum of a 3.3 GPA.
Narrator: Now Resume’s also include extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities include sports, clubs and organizations, student bodies, and church related activities. In addition, extracurricular activities are critical in the application because they demonstrate dedication, involvement and experience.
Narrator: Now let’s talk about recommendation letters. A recommendation letter is a letter that makes a statement of support for a candidate. Here’s a tip: It is important to build and maintain good relationships with your teachers and other educated professionals to build good rapport.


Student: Hello mam may I speak to you about my scholarship application process?
Counselor: Yes of course. Come in. It seems you’ve come prepared.
Student: Yes Ms. Ortiz I have completed 55 hours of community service along with keeping up with good academic grades which includes AP courses, involvement in school organizations, student clubs, and I have also updated my resume.
Counselor: I am very impressed you’ve come a long way. You can also start building strong academic relationships with your professors. For instance, if you are a good student in AP biology, that teacher can provide you with a good letter of recommendation.
Student: Yes. Sounds good. I do try to maintain good relationships with all my professors.
Counselor: Great! Seems like you are right on track. Now, do you have an idea of what your GPA is at this point?
Student: Well, I know I’ve been keeping up with my grades.

Counselor: You should look into your GPA because general competitive scholarships require a minimum of 3.0 GPA. However, having a higher GPA will give you a greater opportunity for eligibility.
Student: Thanks! That is very helpful information to know. But where do I get my GPA from?
Counselor: I can provide you with your GPA and you can look for different GPA’s that are required for competitive scholarships.
Student: Will that be all that I need?
Counselor: Well, in addition to this you must apply for a financial aid pin number.
Student: What exactly is a pin number? And where do I get it from?
Counselor: Your financial aid pin number is an electronic signature that will be necessary when completing your financial aid application. You can obtain this from the website And just follow the steps. However, in order to complete the pin number you must first have the following: Your social security number (yours and your parents) and your birth certificate.
Student: Well it sounds like a lot of steps but if this is what is going to get me into college then I must get to it.
Counselor: Yes, it will make all the difference.
Narrator: Now here come essays!
Narrator: Here are some tips that will be useful when writing an essay.
Narrator: Here comes tip number one. Directly answer the question. Too many times writers make interesting points but they are not about the questions in hand. If you are asked to answer a specific question, stick to it.
Narrator: Tip number two: Address your mistakes. A few mistakes don’t have to spell disaster. Learning from your errors show character and it breathes life into your essay.
Narrator: Here comes tip number three. Show that you are well rounded. Explain how you contributed, recognition you have received, and if possible leadership positions you have held.
Narrator: Tip number four: Add a personal touch. Credentials are great and all but a dashing personality can take your essay above and beyond. Adding a bit of humor or sharing an interesting but relevant experience will make your essay stand out.
Narrator: Tip number five, last but not least. Proofread! Even when you have put a lot of time into your essay it may appear sloppy, it is grammatically incorrect.  You have a lot to offer make sure your essay stands out for its excellence and not its errors.
Narrator: Financial aid Submission. Now remember that most scholarships require submission of your financial aid application prior to applying. Visit and apply. You will need the following information: Student and parent social security numbers, date of birth, income tax return from prior year, parent’s marriage or divorce date, and pin numbers.
Narrator: The application process is complete!


Student: Good morning, I scheduled this meeting with you because I am now a senior and I will like to update you on my scholarship process.
Counselor: You are finally a senior and graduating. Let’s see how long you’ve come since last time we spoke.
Student: Well I have already applied for seven scholarships and they all require essays regarding personal statements. I have also included my GPA in most of them which is pretty high. Along with this I have also submitted my official transcripts and letters of recommendation. I have also completed 68 hours of community service and I am working on finalizing my resume.
Counselor: I am very pleased to hear that you have completed all these requirements. Now you can work on submitting your financial aid application.
Student: Yes, I am working on that as well. I am just waiting for my parents to receive their w2 forms so that I can complete the application.
Counselor: Sounds perfect!  You have completed all the requirements. Good luck on continuing applying for scholarships and obtaining those scholarships.
Student: I appreciate your help for helping me along the way.
Narrator: Now start submitting those scholarships!
Narrator: Goodbye!



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