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Examples of Concerning Behavior

Imminent Warning Signs
  • Possession of firearm or other weapon
  • Suicide threats or statements, gestures, or recent attempts
  • Detailed recent threats of violence
  • Severe rage for seemingly minor reasons
  • Severe destruction of property
  • Serious physical fighting with peers, family, or others
  • Rehearsing an attack or ambush

Troubling Behavior

  • Social withdrawal
  • Excessive feelings of isolation
  • Excessive feeling of rejection
  • Being a victim of violence, teasing, bullying
  • Feelings of being picked on
  • Low school interest, poor academic performance
  • Expressions of violence in writings or drawings
  • Uncontrolled anger
  • Patterns of impulsive/chronic hitting or bullying
  • History of discipline problems
  • History of violent, aggressive, and antisocial behavior
  • Intolerance for differences (prejudicial attitudes)
  • Drug and/or alcohol use
  • Association with gangs
  • Threats of violence (direct or indirect)
  • Talking about weapons or bombs
  • Ruminating over perceived injustices
  • Seeing self as victim of a particular individual
  • General statements of distorted, bizarre thoughts
  • Feelings of being persecuted
  • Obsession with a particular person
  • Depression
  • Recent loss or disappointment (death, relationship, grade)
  • Marked change in appearance
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