One West University Boulevard, Brownsville, Texas 78520 | 956-882-8200

Orientation Leaders

Natalie Cavazos
Classification: Senior
Major: Education
Favorite Candy: Gummy Bears/Worms
"Capture your dreams - at UTB"
Katellen Gomes
Classification: Junior
Major: Education
Favorite Candy: Skittles
"I look forward with sharing this wonderful campus with the upcoming freshman and to help them in any way that I can."
Francisco Guevara
Classification: Graduate
Major: Mathematics
Favorite Candy: Tamarindo Candy
"Your future starts here."
Judith Mireles
Classification: Junior
Major: Communications
Favorite Candy: Kazoozles
"Attending UTB was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. There are so many organizations you can get involved in and so many connections you make. It has truly been a great experience for me."
Dulce Rios
Classification: Senior
Major: Mathematics (U-Teach)
Favorite Candy: Twix
"The university is an awesome place to be, you get to study and have fun at the same time. It will literally change your life."
Reyna Nevarez
Classification: Senior
Major: Criminal Justice
Favorite Candy: Spicy Candy
"UT-Brownsville does change your life, and it changes it for the better!"
Erika Rodriguez
Classification: Junior
Major: Biomedicine and Mathematics (U-Teach)
Favorite Candy: Kazoozles
"Being in the university is one of the best experiences you could have, it's full of fun and new things."
Rebeca Rodriguez
Classification: Sophomore
Major: Communications
Favorite Candy: Ferrero Rocher
"Erase everything you heard from everybody who knows about the past orientations. Now be excited because you are about to start a new journey in your life: college. That's why we are here to help begin your journey."
Frances Vilano
Classification: Junior
Major: Business
Favorite Candy: Kazoozles
"The best place to meet new people from all different types of cultures."
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