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Non-traditional Students

The non-traditional student is anyone who is not a first-time, full-time, straight out of high school, college student. This means that any students that identifies as any one or more of the following categories is non-traditional:

  • Part-time
  • Returning (Re-entry)
  • Commuter
  • Veteran
  • Works full-time while enrolled
  • Has dependants other than a spouse/partner
  • Does not have a high school diploma (completed a GED or equivalent or did not finish high school)

Nationally, non-traditional students comprise approximately one quarter of the undergraduate population. With unique life experiences, non traditional students often add an exciting dimension to the classroom and college experience.

UTB recognizes that non-traditional students have needs that are different from those students who attend college right out of high school.  That is why we offer an Orientation program that provides vaulable information on: entering college, and utilizing resources to succeed. Please contact our office at (956)882-5141 if our orientation program is not able to meet your needs.

Tips for Non-Traditional Students

  • Prioritize your responsibilities and goals to help you stay focused
  • Allow for flexibility — Unexpected events do happen
  • Learn about the resources available to you on campus and use them to enhance your success as a student, such as the Tutoring Center, Computer labs, Student Development Center, Advising Center, and other resources
  • Get to know your professors: if a problem arises during the semester, they can be more understanding and helpful if they already know a bit about you
  • Get involved in a professional organization on campus
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