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Records management

What are the definitions, policies, and procedures governing student records, their confidentiality and their release?
The Residential Life Office adheres to the following Handbook of Operating Policies (HOOP):

  • HOOP 6.2.3 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • HOOP 10.1.6 Texas Public Information Act
  • HOOP 10.1.7 Rules of Conduct Pertaining to the Confidentiality of Social Security Numbers
  • HOOP 10.2.7. Records Management and Retention

In addition, Residential Life has an established policy available on its website on the importance on respecting confidentiality of information.

How does the institution ensure that it adheres to these policies and procedures?
Office staff and student workers must complete a compliance Training Post online course on maintaining confidential records.  All new hires are referred to the Residential Life handbook for policies and procedures.  Employees are held accountable to information within the employee handbook, which includes policy on confidentiality.

How are students and others in the community informed of the policies and procedures governing student records?
Students are informed of the polices and procedures governing student records on pages 254-55 of the 2005-06 Undergraduate catalog.

What is the policy and process for storage, release, dissemination and disposition of student records (including both electronic and printed records)?
The Residential Life Office adheres to HOOP 10.2.7, Records Management and Retention.  Residential Life will maintain records for no more than four years after the last day of occupancy by the student in campus housing.  At the conclusion of this time period, Records Management will dispose of the records in an approved manner (See Records Management schedule of record retention).

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