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COUNSELING — Frequently asked questions

What is counseling and how much does it cost?
Counseling — or psychotherapy — is a professional relationship with a therapist to help you with personal problems. Counseling at Student Health Services is free of charge. Counselors serve as skilled listeners who help you clarify issues, discover wishes and explore feelings and correct misconceptions, all of which can help you deal more effectively with your problems.

But I'm not crazy!
You don't have to be severely disturbed to speak with a counselor. On the contrary, it's a sign of health to recognize when you have a problem and to seek help for it.

Isn't it better for me to solve problems on my own?
A counselor doesn't solve your problems for you. Rather, he or she helps you clarify issues so you can solve problems on your own. The goal of counseling is to make you more self-sufficient, not more dependent.

What kinds of problems are appropriate for counseling?
Whatever troubles you, we'll be glad to talk to you about it. Common concerns include: depression, anxiety, self-esteem, roommates, family, alcohol or other drugs, sex, academic problems, diet and body image, romantic relationships, shyness, loneliness, and identity.

Does counseling go on my official record?

Who can use Student Health Services?
UTB students enrolled in any degree program.

Who are the counselors?
Our diverse staff is made up of a psychiatrist, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, licensed professional counselors, and licensed clinical social workers. Counselors have diverse backgrounds and specialists are available in various areas, including alcohol and other drug concerns, bereavement, eating disorders, HIV/AIDS, international student concerns, LGBT issues, pregnancy, racial and cultural issues, and stress management.

But suppose I need long-term psychotherapy?
Student Health Services can refer you to agencies and private psychotherapists in the community. Many agencies see students on a sliding-fee scale, so you are charged only what you can afford to pay.

What type of group therapy does Student Health Services have?
Group therapy are formed depending on the needs and interest expressed by the students. For dates and times, call (956) 882-8951. 

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