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Examination Techniques

The following are suggestions to faculty and proctors for discouraging scholastic dishonesty during examinations. Scholastic dishonesty may also occur in labs, on homework assignments and research papers, and in computer programs.

  • Enforce silence during the examination period.
  • Do not leave the room.
  • Do not let anyone leave the room during the testing room.  Stress this policy at the beginning of the semester and immediately prior to each testing period.
  • Require students to remove caps and hats during the testing period.
  • Require students to bring blue books at the beginning of the semester, and distribute them yourself immediately prior to each testing period.
  • Forbid textbooks in the examination room on the day of the examination.
  • Arrange seating so that it is difficult for a student to observe the work of others.
  • If separate seating is not practical, distribute different examination forms and inform students of that practice.
  • Check photo identification at every test.
  • Change examinations each semester.
  • Check desks and the surrounding area for unauthorized materials.
  • Require students to sign examinations and check the signatures.
  • Photocopy completed examinations (or a sample of them) for comparison in re-grade requests and inform students of this practice.
  • Do not post answers to examinations prior to completion of all examination sessions.
  • Require all personal items including but not limited to caps, hats, gloves, books, backpacks, purses and briefcases to be left at the front of the room.
  • Do not allow programmable calculators.
  • Have a consistent method of grading papers to which you strictly adhere; for example, use a system for marking unanswered questions so that the students may not easily fill in or alter answers later and submit them for re-grading.
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