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Why should I participate?

STING can help you learn the skills you need to be a successful student. It can help you learn tips and strategies that teach how to adapt to challenging college courses. More importantly—students who successfully complete STING have a higher GPA! Here are the results for students that participated in STING during the Fall 2011 Semester. Fall 2011 Comparison of STING Program Participation

Number of Students
Average number of credit hours enrolled for Fall 2011
Average number of hours completed for Fall 2011
Average percent of hours completed
Average GPA for Fall 2011
Students that actively participated in STING 216 10.95 9.50 87% 2.32
Students enrolled but did not complete STING Program 102 8.73 3.79 43% 0.71

Source: Student Affairs Fall 2011 Where will you be counted in this semester’s report? If you attend class, do your part to assess your strengths and challenges as a student, and complete STING requirements, you’ll walk away with a good foundation for a more pleasant college experience, meet new friends, and increase your opportunity to succeed in your current and future college classes.

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