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Four-Year Plan

Planning a career is an important four-year process. Like a difficult exam, career development requires more than last-minute preparation. UTB offers a four-year degree plan to help students develop a career path.

  • First-Year (up to 29 semester credit hours)
  • Sophomore (30-59 semester credit hours)
  • Junior (60-89 semester credit hours)
  • Senior (90+ semester credit hours)


First-Year (0-29 credit hrs)

Explore your academic interests
Learn about majors offered at UTB see undergraduate catalog for information on Associate degrees &  for bachelors and review degree plans.   Read the descriptions of courses for each major.  Talk to professors, to your advisor and to other students about majors that interest you.  Take a variety of courses.  Research careers with Career Counselors at the Student Success Center (click on the link) located in the North Annex.

Learn about yourself
Take inventories that assess your personality.  Identify your values, skills and interests by inventories available at SSC, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, (this one for a small fee). 

Acquire marketable skills
Learn time management and how to balance your responsibilities.  Develop good study skills. Attend one of our workshops on “what to do with a major in …….” That can help you prepare for your future career!  Contact our office, the Student Success Center at MRC North Annex or call 882-8292 for a list of our upcoming workshops. Continue to develop technical skills and learn another language including sign language.  Read, to increase your vocabulary skills.

Get involved
Through involvement in campus organizations and volunteerism, you can develop your communication and leadership skills, learn about working as a team, planning projects, delegating, promoting special events, meeting deadlines.  Don’t forget to attend class and participate!

Secure a summer job or internship
Start looking as early as the fall.  Develop a resume to update each year.  Attend career fairs and learn what employers are looking for. Network with professionals in fields that interest you. Career Services  on campus can help.


Sophomore (30-59 credit hrs)

Solidify your academic plan
Build a respectable G.P.A.  Need help with studying?  Visit the Learning Enrichment labs.  How about time management?  Academic Counseling can help!  Begin learning about valuable national scholarships and fellowships for undergraduate and graduate work through CHOICES Scholarship Finder or Financial Aid.

Broaden your cultural perspective
In today’s global economy, respect for diversity and understanding of multiculturalism are highly valued by employers.  Continue to develop foreign language skills.  Participate in activities sponsored by International Multicultural Student Services or Study Abroad.  Attend art exhibits and theater, music, dance and multicultural events to become a well rounded college student.

Continue skill development
Take on leadership roles in campus activities or group projects.  Join student government Association, run for office or join a campus organization.  Develop oral and written communication skills attend any of the many writing workshops & seminars available.  Have your resume critiqued by Career Services and attend workshops about interviewing.  Network with clubs within your departmental organization.

Explore career goals through internships
Talk to Career Services. Research organizations and companies that offer internships.  Apply early -- application deadlines one semester prior to internship start dates are common.  Summer jobs, volunteer work and career fairs also help you explore career options.  Internship openings are posted at Career Services Office in the old Education building information board, call 882-5627(JOBS) or in look at the bulletin boards in your classrooms.


Junior (60-89 credit hours)

Investigate careers
Network with professors in your major and Career Services for job leads and advice about career fields.  Attend career fairs to talk to employers about position requirements and opportunities.  Attend workshops offered by Career Counseling to help you explore careers (e.g. Careers What Can I Do with a Major In… Workshop Series).

Develop potential references
Build relationships with faculty, staff and supervisors.  Use leadership positions to cultivate references.

Research graduate/professional schools
Junior year is the time to decide if you want to attend grad school immediately upon graduation from UTB-TSC.  Research schools, application deadlines and programs that interest you.  Get help writing your personal statement from Learning Enrichment.

Complete career-related internships
Internships provide marketable experience and help you investigate careers.  This is a nice alternative to seeking for “real job” after graduation that sometimes it can be hard to find. Request a reference letter from supervisors before you leave.  Paid or unpaid positions both teach you valuable skills. Consider an internship as a very long interview.  This makes you a likely candidate if/when a position opens in the same organization or company.


Senior (90+ credit hours)

Develop job- or graduate/professional school-search strategies
Attend Career Services’ job fairs, teacher job fairs, and professional job fairs.  Meet with Career Services staff, to fine-tune your resume.

Conduct your job search
Develop a list of possible employers using the Internet, career fairs, Career Services “Scorpion Connections”.  Set up your “command center” - files, calendars, maps, letterhead, etc. - and record all correspondence.  Send targeted cover letters and resumes.  Learning Enrichment staff can review your written work.

Apply for graduate/professional school
Finish researching programs.  Take entrance exams. Visit the Testing Office  and send test scores to schools with programs that interest you.  Complete and submit all application material as early in the cycle as possible for consideration for admission and funding by fellowships, assistantships etc.

Share your success story!
Let us know when you secure your job or admission to graduate/professional school.  We wish you the best of luck in your journey of career exploration. Contact us at  or 882-8292 or visit our office at MRC North Annex.

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