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Minutes of the Academic Standards and Student Records Committee

February 23, 2006

  1. The Academic Standards and Student Records Committee met on February 23, 2006 from 2:15 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in N-217. The following members were attending the meeting: Ms. Kathleen Carter, Ms. Mari Chapa, Dr. Gautam Hazarika,  Ms. Ana Linville, Dr. Eldon Nelson, Mr. Steve Wilder, Mr. Tom Welther, and Dr. Taeil Yi.
  2. After reviewing the minutes of December 1, 2005, Ms. Linville motioned to accept them as presented. Her motion was seconded by Ms. Kathleen Carter, and the minutes were accepted by the committee.
  3. Two new members, Dr. Gautam Hazarika (temporary substitute for Dr. Janna Arney) and Dr. Taeil Yi, were introduced to the committee.
  4. As the committee could not pursue its planned agenda, due to the fact that Dr. Charles Lackey, Dean of the Graduate School, was unable to join the meeting and talk about standards at the graduate level, Mr. Welther asked the committee to focus on drawing up an agenda for 2006. Dr. Nelson inquired where the recommendations concerning probation/suspension had been taken to and whether they were followed or implemented. Ms. Chapa and Mr. Welther informed him that they had not been implemented but that they had been looked at by Ms. Linda Fossen, VP of Enrollment, and Mr. Ron Woolfolk, Director of Advising and that these recommendations and the related discussions in the probation/suspension subcommittee had resulted in the administration’s acceptance of the fact that standards had to be implemented. Furthermore, it has become clear to the administration that a number of students would have to be suspended in the process of implementing standards. These losses in student enrollment, however, would result in higher graduation rates in the long term. Ms. Chapa mentioned that in December 2005 about 700 students were put on suspension. She also mentioned that TSTC had started to emphasize standards. Thus, the combined effort should help in raising academic standards on the UTB/TSC campus.
  5. Dr. Nelson then asked that the recommendations drawn up by the committee to address the probation/suspension dilemma effectively be recommended to the interim Associate VPAA, Mr. Jay Philips, and that copies be sent to the VP of Enrollment, Ms. Linda Fossen, and the Director of Advising, Ron Woolfolk.
  6. Dr. Nelson also indicated that in a recent Chairs and Deans meeting, Dr. Mari Fuentes, VP of Student Affairs, was asking about international students and the ESL program. He further explained that international students should take the TOEFL and be placed into respective ESL classes if their scores were too low. Ms. Linville underscored his statement by telling the committee that she often translates what she is lecturing on into Spanish to help her students in her medical terminology class. Dr. Nelson urged the committee to continue its work, which it had started three semesters ago, on implementing the TOEFL test and procedures that would help both international English-proficient and ESL students to become academically prepared.
  7. At the end of the meeting, committee members agreed to invite the following persons for further discussions: Mr. Ron Woolfolk, Director of Advising, to discuss the recommended probation/suspension plan developed by the committee and to be informed of the current state of the early intervention program; Ms. Thelma Sullivan, International Student Counselor, Dr. Pat McGehee, Director of Testing, Joel Garza, ESL Director, and Mr. Jay Philips, interim VPAA, to discuss adopting the TOEFL test and to create the logistics necessary to expand and strengthen the ESL program housed in the Language Institute. Finally, the committee members also agreed to re-invite Dr. Charles Lackey at a later date to discuss standards at the graduate level.
  8. At 3:30 p.m. Ms. Kathleen Carter moved for the meeting to be adjourned. Her motion was seconded by Mr. Steve Wilder, and, thus, the committee adjourned.

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