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After You are Hired

1. Log on to AdjunctImpact

The University of Texas  welcomes you to our teaching core.  Thank you for being with us.

To assure that you have the teaching support your need we have developed an online support system.  This will get you started the minute you are hired.

Click here to go to AdjunctImpact.  Logon using your email address.  You will be emailed a password. Then begin at the Introduction section.

2. Contact Betsy Price to schedule your orientations.

We have two orientations for you. One is a personal orientation to give you the opportunity to learn about all the support services and process you need to complete your first semester here. The second is a group orientation that  provides more information about your teaching assignments like grades, due dates, teaching expectations, etc.

  _____ Individual Orientation Tour

Immediately after you receive an assignment from your program chair contact Betsy Price, (956-882-7334 or ), to arrange your tour.  During this time you will:

Learn about the support services UTB/TSC offers
Discuss your teaching needs
Visit campus wide support services
Obtain your identification and library card
Visit your classroom
Learn about the support services offered in your school or college
Betsy Price's office is in 244 MRC South.  It is building number 23 on the campus map. 

  _____ Group Orientation

Each semester the Office of Part Time Faculty Support give orientations for new adjuncts. The dates and times will be posted on AdjunctImpact and information will be sent from your department. 

Again, welcome. Let us know what we can do to make your teaching experience at UTB the best it can be.

Betsy Price

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