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Certified Public Manager Program

About The Course

New 21st Century Curriculum Design
Classes are designed to serve participants’ careful use of valuable time by employing technology to make the best use of every hour. Lectures are available for download into any computer or podcast accessing device, saving travel and ‘seat’ time.  Face-to-face classroom time is used exclusively for rich interactive and hands-on learning experiences based upon the “case method” of learning, where real situations serve as a basis for exploring key concepts and best practices. Actual practitioners have an active role in the curriculum. This arrangement increases the quality and content of the course without increasing classroom time.
Another proprietary feature of the IPS CPM program is the Public Manager Tool Kit, a set of templates, forms, reference materials, and access information useful for confronting and solving everyday public management problems.
The design of the IPS CPM is based on How To Think as opposed to What To Think.

Both academic and practitioners teach our courses in teams. Real world and theory are merged together to convey in depth and immediately useful information and techniques. For example, in the section dealing with media, a panel of actual reporters will explain the rules of interviews and how public officials can best manage them. This Knowledge-Transfer-To-Use approach produces immediately applicable results.

Attendance Requirements
Attendance is required and is recorded each day in all CPM training classes, but IPS flextime schedule design can accommodate almost any schedule. Should a candidate be unable, due to unavoidable circumstances, to complete a level, she/he may make up the days missed at another time, or complete the missed class work online. CPM program staff will gladly work with any candidate to identify other times and locations for making up missed course work. Whole sections or levels may be completed out of sequence.

Course Substitution
The IPS CPM program is highly interactive; the opportunity to explore management problems and solutions with one's colleagues is a critical component of the CPM program which is not provided by individual growth activities. Therefore, no course substitution or exemption through testing is permitted in the IPS CPM program.

Outside Requirements
The participant will need to purchase certain books and book excerpts for the required readings and all supplies or materials required to complete the applied projects and reading applications. Every effort is made to keep these costs as low as possible.

Course Sequence
The IPS recommends that participants follow the curriculum in the recommended sequence if they intend to complete the CPM program through to certification. The program is designed to build upon the theories and learning experiences of preceding levels and assignments. However, the Tracks can be taken out of sequence.

We must be the change we wish to see.
Mahatma Gandhi

Certification Requirements

The Certified Public Manager (CPM) certificate is awarded upon the completion of the following requirements:

Course work. Attendance is required and is recorded each day of every class, in CPM Tracks 1 through 7.

Readings. Certain book excerpts are required which complement and enrich the concepts introduced in the classroom. The cost of these books and excerpt packs is not included in the program fees. We make every effort to control costs by producing excerpt packs instead of requiring the purchase of complete books, where possible.

Media. To help students make the most of their valuable time, certain lectures and other elements are made available on-line and by download to computers and IPods for viewing or listening as time allows. These Podcasts are an integral part of the CPM curriculum.

Projects. A choice among three work-related projects is required of participants to demonstrate the transfer of public management concepts to the workplace.

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