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 Are you afraid of Math and Science? We dare you to come to S.E.T.B courtyard and explore S.T.E.M Field Careers !

                  Monday, October 31, 12;00 -- 3:00 PM,

This event will give UTB/TSC students the opportunity to learn about the excellent STEM programs we have. All CSMT departments will have an opportunity to provide information about their programs and degrees of study. Faculty and STEM students will prepare interactive presentations about the programs and will explain the work/research that is conducted in the labs. Fun experiments and hands-on activities will also be performed in the labs. This activity will count towards the career specific assignments for the FYS students.

We provide free food, free candy, great door prizes to participants. specialists will also come down and offer face to face job hunting workshops! (These workshops are provided at SETB 3rd Floor, from 12:00 PM to3:00 PM).   

Check out the activity schedule and know more about STEM field careers:

Computer and Information Sciences:
•RUST 103 Advanced Computing Laboratory
•SETB 1508 Computer and Information Sciences Students Open Laboratory
Activity: Lab Tour
Dr.Juan Iglesias
Physics and Astronomy:
•SETB Courtyard
Activity: Physics Circus
Robert Stone

  MicroElectroMechanical Systems / NanoElectroMecahnical Systems
  Dr. Nazmul Islam (until 3 pm) Dr. Davood Askari
•SETB 1.408 Fluids.
  Dr. Sanjay Kumar
•SETB 1.240
 AMEL – Applied Microwave & Electromagnetic Laboratory.
 Dr. Fabio Urbani and Dr. Yong Zhou
•M2 Wave Tank Laboratory.
 Dr. Yingchen Yang (entry through garage door facing the parking lot or through 
 Machine Shop)
•M2 Machine Shop. 
 Alberto Saco
•SETB 1.250 Freshman/Sophomore Hands on Projects. 
 SEI student 
 Michael Espinoza (2 pm on)

Engineering Technology:
•SETB Courtyard
Activity: Presentation
Dr. Immanuel Edinbarough
•Laboratories at SETB 2.424.
Activity: Presentations
Mayra Rendon
Environmental Sciences:
•Laboratories at M O.
Activity: Lab Tour
Javier Garcia

•SETB Courtyard and LHSB Biology Laboratories.
Activity: Lab Tour
Dr. Richard Klein

•Laboratories at SETB.
Dr. John Garza and Luis Sanchez

Industrial Technology:
•SETB Courtyard
Jose Amieva

Office of Health Professional Careers:
•SETB Conference Room 2.338.
Activity: Anatomy Dummy
Cherie Gallardo

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