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2012 summer MATH boot CAMP PRograms-mATH FOR eNGINEERING.

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Engineering Summer Bridge Program

The summer bridge program is an introduction and preparation for an Engineering career in UT-Brownsville.
The successful completion of this program will enable you to start taking courses towards your Bachelors degree in Engineering since your first semester in College.
The summer bridge program includes:

Engineering Math
— To prepare for calculus, and Engineering application of the math you know.

Engineering History— To learn how the Aztecs built a city on a lake, how the Romans built roads, aqueducts, baths, and the Coliseum, how the Egyptians built pyramids and pumped water, how Carthage invented indoor plumbing, how Greece built the dominant Navy, and much more.

Engineering Practice— Participate in projects, “fly” a plane in the wind tunnel.

Field trip— To the PUB electric power plant, to the airport and air museum and more. 

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