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Academic Advising Syllabus

A syllabus is a very important outline given at the beginning of every course stating all expectations for that course, when assignments are due, what topics will be covered, when tests will be given, grading standards, office hours and instructor contact information. It is important that you follow your class syllabus closely so you can stay up-to date with course assignments and expectations.

Our Academic Advising Syllabus is designed so that academic advising can be viewed as a teaching and learning process similar to the teaching and learning that takes place in the classroom. While academic advisors can certainly help you chart your path as you navigate through college, it is important to remember that academic advising is not a spectator sport and you, as a student, need to be actively involved in the process.

Please click on the link below to view the Academic Advising Syllabus outlining student and advisor responsibilities as well as expected learning outcomes.

  • Academic Advising SyllabusReview your Advising Syllabus
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