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Having problems in class?

If you are experiencing problems in a class, your professor may send an Early Alert referral to your academic advising specialist so that he/she can assist you in identifying problem areas and resources for success.

The Early Alert program is a retention initiative designed to target students who are performing poorly in a class. The purpose of this initiative is for you to become aware that a concern in one of your classes has been identified by your instructor and appropriate action must be taken to ensure academic success. Each fall and spring semesters, faculty members are asked to identify students who have poor academic progress due to excessive absences, low test/quiz scores, incomplete/missing assignments, weak study skills, inappropriate classroom behaviors, or other issues. Once faculty members refer you via email to an academic advising specialist, the academic advising specialist will send a notification informing you of the referral and will encourage you to set up an appointment to discuss the situation. In the initial meeting, your academic advising specialist will work with you in developing an action plan that will assist in building skills to succeed academically. Depending on your specific needs, the academic advising specialist  may refer you to other campus support services for further assistance.

If you receive an early alert email, you may contact 882-7362 to set up an appointment or stop by to meet with your academic advising specialist.

Additionally, whether you have received an Early Alert notification or not, we want you to be as successful as possible during your collegiate career here at UTB. With this in mind, our institution has a number of tutoring services available through the Student Success Center’s Learning Enrichment area.

Some of the tutoring services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Writing Lab - the goal at the Writing Lab is to assist and guide students to become better writers. They can help you with your writing assignments in any course at all steps of the writing process.
  • Reading Lab - the Reading Lab is a place where you can learn different techniques and approaches to reading across the curriculum. Services are designed to help you succeed academically and become an independent learner.
  • Math Lab - the Math Lab provides tutoring in the areas of mathematics and physics.
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) offers weekly review sessions for students enrolled in historically difficult courses. These sessions, facilitated by trained SI Leaders, are opportunities for you to get together with students in your class to organize your material, compare notes, discuss important concepts, develop strategies for studying the subject, and be well prepared for taking your tests and exams.

Please visit the Student Success Center-Learning Enrichment

  • Advisor assisting studentAcademic Advising Specialist Assisting Student
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