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frequently asked questions

What is the role of an academic advisor?

  • Assist students with making decisions about their educational and career goals
  • Assist students with course selection when they have chosen a program of study
  • Assist undecided majors with course selection
  • Establish relationships between the student and faculty advisors
  • Provide information for students enrolling in appropriate classes that will ensure timely and successful progress toward completion of their program of study
  • Assist with interpreting test scores and proper course placement

What is the student’s responsibility toward seeking academic advising?

  • Seek appropriate academic advising from academic advisors—contact and make 
    appointments with academic advisors when required or when in need of assistance
  • Become familiar with program of study requirements—know what courses are required
  • Become familiar with the courses that have been taken
  • Prepare for advising sessions and bring appropriate materials
  • Accept final responsibility for academic and career choices

Who is my academic advisor?

  • Advisors are assigned based on a student’s current major
  • If a student is undecided on a major they can visit the Academic Advising Center at 
    the Lightner Center located across the library.

Where are the academic advisors located on this campus?

What are the hours of operation at the Academic Advising Center at Lightner Center?

  • Monday-Thursday  8:00 a.m. -6:00 p.m. and Friday  8:00 a.m.-5:00 P.M.

What is a program of study?

  • A program of study is a plan (sometimes called a degree plan) that outlines the courses required to complete a certificate or a degree.

What is meant and required by declaring a program of study (major)?

  • Visit with an academic advisor to discuss requirements for a program of study (major)
  • Have an academic advisor declare a program of study
  • Receive from an academic advisor a program of study (degree plan) outlining required courses for a certificate or degree program

What if I change my mind about what I want to study at UTB-TSC?

  • Often students will change from one program of study (major) to a different program of study. This can be done by visiting an academic advisor in the department that coincides with the new choice of major.

What are the basic courses at UTB-TSC?

  • Frequently, while advising, a student will say, “I want to take my basics at this time before I decide on my major”.  Basic courses refer to the General Education Core Curriculum.  The 48 credit hours included in the General Education Core Curriculum are required on all bachelor degree programs.

Who do transfer students see about academic advising?

  • Students who transfer in from a college or university or who plan on transferring out to another college or university should visit with an academic advisor in the Academic Advising Center.

How can I register when I have a registration block due to my probation status?

  • Students who are on probation must visit an Academic Advisor to assist them with the registration process and provide them with the Satisfactory Academic Progress(SAP) guidelines and regulations.

How can I register when I have a registration block due to my suspension status?

  • Student who are returning after having been out for a long semester(s) or whose UTB/TSC Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal has been approved must visit with an Academic Advisor to assist them with the registration process and provide them with the  Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) guidelines and regulations.

Where can I find out important dates and deadlines?

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