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You’ve submitted your application for graduation, registered for your courses and bought all your books. It is time to start your last academic semester and prepare for graduation​
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Top Ten Things To Do During Your Last Academic Semester...

1.      Make sure you submitted your graduation application.

Your graduation application is a key part of your final review before graduation. Turning in your application for graduation informs the university that you are just a few months from receiving your degree. If you haven’t turned in your application yet, do so as soon as possible. Meet with an Academic Advisor to review your degree evaluation and turn in your application for graduation to the Registrar's Office.


2.      Keep a close eye on your inbox.

Besides sales from the bookstore, notifications from Facebook and assignments from professors, your inbox will be key to your last semester at UT Brownsville. You’ll be receiving updates regarding your progress towards the completion of your degree, invitation to special events and key information for your commencement ceremony. Keep your inbox clean to avoid missing important news.

3.   Avoid blocks, or clear them with the appropriate office as soon as possible.

You’re so close to the finish line! You’ve got your class schedule, planned out your party and are just waiting for that “A”. You don’t want anything stopping you, let alone a registration block. Avoid getting parking and library fines, pay off any balances that you may have and turn in any paperwork requested on time.


4.      Attend events.

Your last semester will be filled with special events hosted for graduating students. Check your inbox and The Collegian. There’s a Graduation Fair, multiple Career Fairs, a Ring Ceremony and let’s not forget, your Commencement Ceremony. Make plans to attend and enjoy!


5.      Stop by the Academic Advising Center.

Surprises are not always a good thing. Make time to stop by the Academic Advising Center to review your progress towards the completion of your degree and confirm that you will be completing all degree requirements by the end of the semester. It never hurts to double check.


6.     Finish your classes… with good grades.

It may be your last semester, but it’s not time to take it easy. Your final courses will still affect your graduation requirements and the amount of courses needed to complete your degree. Don’t let missed assignments delay your graduation.


7.      Meet with a faculty member.

Your professor is an invaluable source of knowledge throughout your education. Their courses have opened your eyes to the wonders of your major. They stay up to date with the latest in the field, have worked hard and experienced what happens after graduation. So why wouldn’t you ask them about employment in the field? Make time to talk to them about different employment or educational possibilities in your selected major.


8.     Get ready for graduation.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Order your cap and gown, class ring, and announcements early. You don’t want to deal with party planning at the same time you’re studying for finals.


9.     Update your resume.

Whether you’re continuing with graduate school or starting your job search, your resume will be a key document you won’t want to be without. Keep a copy handy and know where you saved your electronic version. If you need help making sure your resume will grab the attention of prospective employers, visit the Career Services Department and let them show you some good tips.


10. Attend graduation.

You studied hard for four years, turned in your last research paper and planned the greatest party to share your accomplishments. Now it’s time for you to don your cap and gown and have your picture taken with Dr. Garcia. Make sure you get a good night’s rest, set your alarm and show up early. You wouldn’t want to miss commencement!​​​

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