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UTB has just established a new College of Biomedical Sciences and Health Professions. The TIME initiative is perfectly set to assist our faculty of new Department of Biomedicine to develop a BS in Biomedicine that will provide a unique curriculum that will markedly enhance physician and health professional education and training at UTB.

Dr. Eldon L. Nelson,
Interim Dean​

UT Brownsville (UTB)


UTB’s A-PRIME TIME mission is to provide accessible and affordable pre-health professional education of high quality that will meet regional and national needs through a novel and vibrant program of medical training to prepare students from the principally Hispanic population for successful completion of medical school. The program will (1) develop an innovative and rigorous curriculum designed to fully integrate academic and clinical experiences through all years of training and (2) support access for a diverse population through multiple entry and exit points to promote efficiency in the education of physicians and other health professionals.


An integrated and competency-based organ systems approach to medical education will be provided by the College of Biomedical Sciences and Health Professions at The University of Texas at Brownsville in collaboration with the A-PRIME TIME consortium: a member of the UT System TRANSFORMATION OF MEDICAL EDUCATION (TIME) Initiative.


UTB is developing and implementing a new model for medical education appropriate for the 21st century. In partnership with the A-PRIME TIME Consortium members (UTEP, UTPA and medical schools at UTHSCH and UTMB) and under the auspices of the TIME Initiative, UTB is committed to provide a pre-health professions program that will produce a cadre of highly-qualified and compassionate students prepared to succeed in a shortened and collaborative undergraduate/ medical school curriculum. Students admitted to the program will enter a structured system with a continuum of academic and experiential learning opportunities with exposure to research and medical/health professionals. In this program, students will progress from a foundational year to a two year innovative organ systems curriculum and finally to a swirled, or shared, environment where faculty of both UTB and its partner medical institutions (UTMB and UTHSCH) are heavily involved in the education process. Throughout their learning, students will have the opportunity to receive instruction from practitioners in the field and gain a holistic understanding of health care. The students’ ability to apply learned knowledge and skills will be continually assessed by a competency based curriculum, jointly developed by the A-PRIME TIME partnership. The pre-health professions program leads to a B.S. in Biomedical Sciences and admission to a partner medical school.



Rodriguez, Hugo, MD, Assistant Professor, Biomedicine
Office: BRHP 1.124 / Phone: 956-882-5046


Lehker, Michael, PhD, Professor, Associate Dean

Office: BRHP 1.112 / Phone: 956-882-7960


Ermolinsky, Boris, PhD, Assistant Professor
Office: BRHP 1.123 / Phone: 956-882-5774
Garcia, Kim, M.Ed, RRT, NPS
Associate Master Technical Instructor

Garrido-Sanabria, Emilio, PhD, Associate Professor, Biomedicine
Office: BRHP 2.116 / Phone: 956-882-5053
Isokawa, Masako Ph.D, Associate Professor, Neuroscience
Office: BRHP 2.115 / Phone: 956-882-5731
Kazansky, Alexander Ph.D, Associate Professor, Neurobiology
Office: BRHP 1.122 / Phone: 956-882-5780
Nair, Saraswathy, PhD, Assistant Professor, Biomedicine
Office: BRHP 1.120 / Phone: 956-882-5108

Potempa, Angelika, Ph.D
Associate Professor (History Department)

Rodriguez, Hugo, MD, Assistant Professor, Biomedicine
Office: BRHP 1.124 / Phone: 956-882-5046

Schwarzbach, Andrea, PhD, Associate Professor, Biomedicine
Office: BRHP 1.121 / Phone: 956-882-5057

Zarei, Masoud, PhD, Assistant Professor, Biomedicine
Office: BRHP 2.112 / Phone: 956-882-5027


Ainsworth, Michael, M.D.
UTMB - Sr. Associate Dean, Professor (Internal Medicine)

Ayala, Jose, D.P.M.
VBMC - Chief Medical Officer (Podiatry)

Barba, Jose, R., M.D.
VBMC - Surgery

Brooks, Karen, M.D.
VBMC - Physican (General Surgery)/Trauma Director

Enriquez, Jose, Perez, M.D.
VBMC - Family Medicine

Flores, Magdalena, M.D.
VBMC - Physican (Ob/Gyn)

Hussain, Khadim, M.D.
VBMC - ER Medical Director

Nieves-Sosa, Jose, R., M.D., F.A.C.O.G.
VBMC - Ob/Gyn

Oakes, Joanne, M.D.
UTHSOM - Associate Professor (Emergency Medicine)

Pelly, Lorenzo, M.D.
VBMC - Internal Medicine​

Silva, Jaime, M.D.
VBMC - Cardiology

Sy, Stanley, M.D.
VBMC - Physician (Critical Care/Pulmonary)

Contact information


Dr. Hugo Rodriguez, Director
Office: BRHP 1.124
Phone: 956-882-5046

Elizabeth Peña
Office: BRHP 1.313
Phone: 956-882-7156


Biomedical Research
and Health Professions
BRHP 2.101

Phone:  956-882-5000

Fax:  956-882-5003


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