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The TIME initiative will provide students with a more efficient, effective and less costly pathway to the M.D. degree.

Gary Rosenfeld,
Professor of Integrative Biology and Pharmacology Assistant Dean for Educational Programs​

UT Medical School – Houston

As a member of the A-PRIME TIME partnership, UT Medical School - Houston will help develop an innovative model of accelerated physician education that is more effective, more efficient, less costly and widely recognized for the professionalism of its graduates. Close collaboration is​ planned so that there is a smooth, efficient, synergistic and transparent introduction of innovative educational activities into the curriculum of each institution. Appropriate assessments, including humanities and ethics effectiveness, research, and other scholarship studies will also be planned.

An undergraduate competency-based curriculum will be designed that when completed will meet medical school entry and matriculation requirements. The design of selected undergraduate courses will allow students to achieve specified competencies in the basic, behavioral and social sciences. To accomplish this, UT Medical School - Houston and UT Medical School - Galveston will establish a joint Advisory Committee who, with the academic institutions, will:

  1. Compile a list of competencies that when met would qualify selected students for advanced medical school placement
  2. Determine the most effective and efficient strategies to deliver medical and other health related course content to supplement on-site instruction
  3. Identify or create team-based, problem based and case-based learning modules to demonstrate the relevance of course content and promote active learning
  4. Select basic science courses to implement course delivery and competency assessment


Gary Rosenfeld, Professor of Integrative Biology and Pharmacology Assistant Dean for Educational Programs Office: R354 / Phone: 713-500-7435

Patricia Butler, Senior Associate Dean for Educational Programs Professor, department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Office: JJL 304 / Phone: 713-500-5134

Sheela Lahoti, M.D., Associate Professor Pediatrics Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs
Office: MSB-G.400 / Phone: 713-500-5160

George Stancel, John P. McGovern Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Sciences Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Office: BSRB-3.8436 / Phone: 713-500-9880

Margaret Uthman, M.D., Assistant Dean of Educational Programs Professor and Vice Chair for Education, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Office: MSB-2.120 / Phone: 713-500-5348



Dr. ​Hugo Rodriguez, Director

Office: BRHP 1.124
Phone: 956-882-5046

​Dr. Manuel G. Saldivar
Office: SET B 1.510

Phone: 956-882-7163

Elizabeth Peña
Office: SET B 1.510

Phone: 956-882-7156​


Biomedical Research
and Health Professions
BRHP 2.101

Phone:  956-882-5744

Fax:  956-882-5003


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